Medical Data Entry: Advantages of Portiva

medical data entry In an industry like healthcare, the value of time cannot be understated. Physicians, nurses, and other medical personnel often require more time than they can afford just to complete tasks related to patient care, let alone administrative work like medical data entry. With increasing reports of physician burnout, healthcare offices are often seeking a way to reduce their workload and facilitate a complete treatment experience for patients.

As one of the top online medical transcription companies in the nation, Portiva provides a more efficient way to approach electronic data entry. Our medical transcription services offer physicians a way to outsource their time-consuming data entry while guaranteeing 98% accuracy. Not only that, but our transcription process allows for the clear transfer of any and all subjective comments pertaining to patients, which can often be mistranscribed or misinterpreted when handled by busy medical staff.

Medical Data Entry: Top Advantages of Portiva

Reduced Administrative Work

At least one-third of physicians cite paperwork as one of the primary causes of fatigue and burnout in their profession. Understanding that medical staff must constantly divide their time between patients, clerical work, and their personal lives, it makes sense that they could benefit greatly by having administrative tasks lifted from their plates. Portiva aims to do just that — taking over much of the meticulous data entry that goes with every patient visit to a facility. With less time spent on paperwork, physicians are free to turn their attention toward more pressing matters within their practice.

Higher Accuracy

While many thought that the widespread introduction of electronic medical records (EMRs) would make the lives of healthcare professionals much easier, the reality was much different. EMRs can offer a centralized location for all medical data, but they require tedious work when checking for accuracy, taking valuable time away from physicians’ already busy schedules. At Portiva, our team of certified medical transcriptionists provides prompt service with the assurance of 98% accuracy or higher. This way, you’ll never spend hours double-checking your EMRs again.

Improved Patient Care

Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, when medical professionals have less time to spend on meticulous data entry, they have more time to focus on their patients. Now more than ever, hospitals and healthcare facilities are assessed based on their ability to provide a high-quality patient experience. Our team of medical transcriptionists works to make sure that physicians can reduce the amount of paperwork they have and concentrate their efforts on providing the best possible treatment to their patients and increasing the efficiency of their practice as a whole.

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With more than a decade of industry experience, Portiva has grown into one of the best transcription companies in the country. Offering a range of medical, legal, and corporate transcriptions to organizations of all sizes, we can help your office or medical facility save valuable time and money with the added assurance of at least 98% accuracy in all work that we do. Call Portiva today to see what you stand to gain from outsourcing your transcription work!

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