Dental Virtual Assistant | 14+ Years Of Experience

Dental Virtual Assistant & Its Benefits: Smile with Ease!

Experience unparalleled growth in profits and an enhanced work-life balance as our expert team effortlessly handles all essential tasks and ensures seamless provision of critical patient information with utmost accuracy, resulting in minimized administrative costs.

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7 Days FREE. No Contract. No Setup Fees.

14+ Years of Quality Virtual Dental Assistance

With our white-glove service and all the Dental Virtual Assistant benefits starting at just $10/hour, Portiva provides a start-to-finish solution to help you get up and running. Employing one of our Dental VAs can yield a multitude of advantages.

Stay organized by managing your daily workflow, setting reminders and taking care of the paperwork quickly and efficiently. Our Dental VAs can also lend a helping hand to track due balances, handle incoming calls from patients, schedule appointments, follow up with patients after their visits and much more. Our virtual medical assistant is well-versed in HIPAA standards, so rest assured that all data remains secure. Let us remove the burden of tedious administrative tasks so that you can focus on providing exceptional patient care in the most efficient manner possible. They can help you:

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Focus on Patients - Hire a Virtual Assistant from Philippines

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VA’s for Just Starting At $10/hour.

Enjoy Portiva's no hassle, no contract policy for Medical and Dental Virtual Assistants with a rate as low as starting at $10/hour. With no hidden cost, work with your chosen hours. Free of setup cost, you can eliminate risk by withdrawing or canceling any time, no fret.

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Day to Day Work With the Same VA.

Pick & choose which verified and qualified Medical or Dental Professional you want to work with. Portiva allocates plenty of time, money, and effort to ensure that we only provide the finest personnel who can seamlessly blend into your workflow with little training in your everyday process and software (just like any onsite staff).

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HIPAA Certified & Security Training

Portiva's Medical Virtual Assistant have certificates in HIPAA compliant training and comply with the Philippines' Data Privacy Act of 2012. Our Medical Virtual Assistants go through a comprehensive application and interview process. They're appointed based on their ability to work in a remote medical environment. Each is subject to a background check and certified in HIPAA training.

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We use online time tracking software to track and monitor all of our Medical Virtual Assistants. It keeps track of the movements and actions of the mouse and keyboard. Portiva VAs also form a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our customers.

You doing everything on your own is ultimately making you lose potential profit.

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