Using Reliable Medical Audio Transcription Software

medical audio transcription

Life inside of a hospital is one of constant motion. Doctors and nurses go from room to room, patient to patient, and rarely have time to stop and take stock of their day. When they get time to collect their thoughts and go through patient notes, the new challenge of combing through pages upon pages of notes is to find the relevant information they need. It is a tedious process that takes them away from spending more time with their patients and giving them the care that they need. That’s where accurate medical audio transcription comes into play. 


Benefits of Medical Audio Transcription Software

Combing through volumes of patient notes and histories is a time-consuming endeavor. Throughout the day, notes are often passed around from department to department, based on the needs of the patient—the chances of alterations made to the records getting lost in the shuffle increase throughout the day. However, by utilizing medical dictation software, you can have a clear and concise record of all of your patient notes in one place, thanks to a trained and dedicated team of certified medical transcriptionists on standby to take your electronically recorded notes and accurately transcribe them for physicians and nurses. With the accurately transcribed notes in hand, doctors and nurses can go back to taking care of their patients, knowing that they have a completely accurate record of their patient notes. 

Accurate Notes Save Lives

Accurate notes are especially important in these trying times due to the spread of COVID-19. Accurate patient histories help doctors determine the proper course of action for their patient’s clinical care. Doctors need to be aware of any preexisting conditions that could exacerbate the patient’s current predicament and how to prepare for that scenario properly. Portiva’s dedicated team of medical records transcription specialists ease the burden on doctors by transcribing their electronic notes accurately. Our transcriptionists work tirelessly to ensure that the transcribed notes are 99.5% accurate and above for the benefit of doctors and patients alike. 

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