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certified medical transcriptionists

Let Our Certified Medical Transcriptionists Assist You in Your Growth

EMR transcription services save time and money. It provides accurate audio-to-text transcriptions. As one of the nation’s best certified medical transcriptionist companies, Portiva has helped grow the operations of medical practices throughout the country.

Portiva’s medical scribe and in-house EMR systems have the ability to optimize the processing and documentation of medical records in every practice they’re seamlessly implemented into. With our help, we’ll provide your medical practice with the business resources that will help grow revenue and maximize patient processing.

certified medical transcriptionists

Harnessing the power of new technology gives Portiva an edge in providing your practice with the best support in the industry. Our medical scribes are continually given resources to increase their efficiency in assisting you and your staff. Portiva ensures that its health information technicians produce high-caliber work on a daily basis to promote growth for your practice. These are just a few ways that our certified medical transcriptionists can be of assistance to your practice:

Save Time

Our medical scribes free up doctors’ time for patient care.
Doctors should treat patients, not transcribe records.  

Our clinical documentation specialists can also give you extra time to see more patients, increasing your practice’s income. Your staff will also be free from the burden of documentation, enabling them to give better patient care. Having a transcriptionist will improve your office workflow and increase efficiency, making you an easy reference for other people.

Portiva’s medical transcriptionists can also ensure that all documentation is covered so you will have time to unwind. Extra time means less stress for you and your medical staff giving you more energy to go the extra mile for your clients. Medical scribes also enable you to gain valuable time to pursue options to elevate your practice.

Save Money

By outsourcing the transcriptions of all of your patient’s medical records and paperwork, your medical professionals will save time, which translates to lower operating and management costs, through the use of our low-cost EMR system. Instead of hiring salary-based transcriptionists, outsourcing the labor to our experts at Portiva is a far more cost-effective solution for saving your practice money.

You do not have to worry about employee benefits or transportation costs either. Medical and dental virtual assistants are a cost-efficient way to improve customer service without breaking the bank. You only pay for the time transcriptionists spend doing the tasks you need help with.

You can also save on office space as our clinical documentation specialists work from a remote location. Our health information technicians enable you to grow your practice without needing to rent out a bigger place. Portiva’s medical transcriptionists can save you money which you can invest in new equipment to grow your practice.

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Our Certified Medical Transcriptionists are Trusted

Our certified healthcare documentation specialists have an accuracy rating of over 99.5% for each audio-to-text medical transcription. In-house EMR software complies with HIPAA regulations for patient confidentiality.

Most of our certified medical transcriptionists are registered nurses whose medical background makes them perfect for assisting your practice. They have the vast knowledge and experience to be an asset to your practice. They are well-trained in medical terminology, which increases the accuracy of your transcripts and ensures high-quality output.

Portiva’s medical transcription services meet client’s needs, maximize profits and enhance patient care.

Updated EMR and EHR systems

Our transcriptionists handle both EHR and EMR systems. An updated EHR and EMR systems can elevate your practice to the next level in terms of delivering patient care. Maximizing these systems mean that patients can be treated accordingly because providers have access to the patient’s comprehensive medical records.

Complete documentation is crucial for insurance claims. Our healthcare documentation specialists can ensure the completeness of your EHR and EMR to reduce denials. Portiva’s medical transcriptionists ensure accurate information to prevent incomplete or incorrect information, which is the most common cause of denied claims.

Portiva’s transcriptionists organize files for easy insurance appeal documentation. They can also track and follow up on claims for proper compensation or reimbursement. Don’t worry about upfront or unforeseen expenses while ensuring payment for clinician services.

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