Benefits of Contracting Out Law Enforcement Transcription

law enforcement transcriptionWhen handling casework, law enforcement transcription agencies are often required to transcribe data from audio to written text for use by attorneys, prosecutors, and various other criminal justice entities in addition to their record-keeping duties. Knowing the seemingly insurmountable number of files that cross the desk of a law enforcement transcription agent, this can very quickly become a daunting task. While some offices will try to take on transcription responsibilities independently, an increasingly high number are turning to outside providers of law enforcement transcription services.

At Portiva, we aim to provide law enforcement offices with complete and accurate transcription work, saving both time and money for police departments nationwide. While there is a wide range of benefits that law enforcement agencies can experience from outsourcing transcriptions, we have compiled a list of the four most prevalent. These include:

Improved Accuracy

Not only do in-house transcriptions take up precious time for staff, but they have proven to be incredibly inefficient compared to their outsourced counterpart. When your staff is splitting their time between several things, such as investigative work, emergency response, and court appearances, it should be no surprise that transcription work takes a low seat on their priority list. For that reason, the accuracy of audio-to-text transcriptions often suffers due to haste. By outsourcing your transcriptions to Portiva, you have the assurance of near-perfect accuracy from one of the top audio transcription companies in Philadelphia.

Reliable Security

Given that most files being handled in law enforcement offices are comprised of sensitive information, there is no question that the security of audio recordings and documents is paramount. For that reason, it helps to know that all files are being sent through secure channels while being transcribed into text. Portiva takes this very seriously, hiring only certified transcriptionists to handle transcriptions for any type of law enforcement official.

Easily Meet Deadlines
When the paperwork is being processed and audio files transcribed, there is often a set deadline such as a court date that must be promptly met. When relying on a small handful of staff members to handle all of your law enforcement transcription work, you run the risk of missing deadlines and potentially disrupting court proceedings. With Portiva, you can rest assured that all audio recordings, no matter the dictation method, will be delivered with at least 98% accuracy on or before the given deadline.

Focus On Police Work
Lastly, outsourcing your transcriptions ultimately means that your officers can spend less time completing meticulous tasks and more time directing their attention on more pressing matters like investigative work, emergency response, and evidence analysis. With entire communities counting on the bravery and due diligence of law enforcement agencies, having professional transcriptionists to lighten the load of paperwork can make a world of difference.

For more information on Portiva and the professional transcription services that we provide for law enforcement agencies, medical practices, media companies, and corporate businesses, feel free to contact us by calling 610-572-1539.

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