Medical Dictation Technology: Human Dimension

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It’s no secret that the exponential increase of technology across just about every industry is paving the way for automation and increased processing speed. On the surface, this appears to be a hugely beneficial trend due to technology’s ability to free up staff from menial medical dictation tasks. The question, however, is whether or not all of this added convenience comes at a price. While machine intelligence is growing, it is far from flawless. In numerous industries — namely healthcare and law enforcement — automation can lead to errors that can have negative implications on staff, patients, or anyone else who depends on the accuracy of recordkeeping.

With that in mind, it would seem that the best method for ensuring accuracy is to integrate the human element into advancing technology. As one of the top medical dictation companies in Philadelphia, Portiva has successfully combined the best of both worlds by utilizing certified transcriptionists to oversee all transcriptions before they are finalized.

Medical Dictation Made Easy: Streamline Your Notes

Enhance Customer Service

Even as technology makes its way into every industry, one thing that people still recognize is that even the smartest A.I. software cannot provide better customer service than a human. At Portiva, we ensure that all of our clients are taken care of, with human transcriptionists working on accounts and handling any issues without using technology as a crutch. Not only has this improved our ability to effectively communicate with our clients, but it has offered a human touch in an industry that has been bogged down by hyper-automation.

Increase Speed

While Portiva values the importance of the human element in our processes, it would be ignorant to think that technology cannot provide numerous advantages of its own. The key, however, is to find a balance. Our process allows innovative medical dictation software to quickly dictate text from speech or audio recordings, which can immensely reduce the amount of time spent on transcriptions and data entry.

Improve Accuracy

When it comes to meticulous data entry like electronic health records in healthcare, accuracy is king. Just one small mistake can have negative repercussions and ultimately make life more difficult for staff and patients alike. With that in mind, Portiva utilizes a team of certified transcriptionists who are trained to assess the accuracy of all completed transcription work. This way, even if the software does the heavy lifting, the human element is there to provide quality assurance.

The expansion of technology has certainly changed just about every industry you could think of. While the increase in convenience has its advantages, there currently exists no permanent solution for ensuring accuracy. At Portiva, we strive to find the ideal balance between technology and the human element in order to provide the best possible services for our clients.

If you are looking for a company to provide you with professional law enforcement, healthcare, or radiology transcription services, contact Portiva today!

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