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Medical Billing Companies in California | Medical Billing Services California, CA Services

Choosing medical billing companies for coding and billing tasks is helpful for medical experts. There are hundreds of firms across California that offer patient billing services. Since there is great competition, it’s challenging for medical experts to choose the right medical billing organization.

medical billing companies in california

There are many things to consider when selecting a medical billing firm. You need to look for the one that fits your billing needs the best. Also, you need to look for appropriate services suitable for your practice.

Besides that, the company needs to be credible, experienced, and qualified enough to help you with medical billing tasks. Read further to learn what types of billing companies are available in California and what services they offer.

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Our Remote Medical Assistants Offer

healthcare virtual assistant

Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants automate insurance verification processes and ensure that patients' insurance information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Dental Virtual Assistant

Dental assistants can work remotely from their own computers and manage the dental office's practice with ease by logging into its practice management software.

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Medical Transcriptionists

Improve communication between medical providers, conversion of audio recordings, documentation accuracy, and provide a comprehensive secure electronic medical record.

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Portiva's Virtual Medical Scribing solution is here to streamline medical documentation, cut admin costs and liberate your staff's precious time. A perfect solution for you!

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Medical Billing Virtual Assistant

Medical billing virtual assistants are becoming more popular among physicians' offices as they provide efficient support for managing operations and maximizing revenue.

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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization helps doctors avoid unexpected costs and patients avoid unnecessary expenses, ultimately resulting in cost savings for physicians and patients alike.

Different Types of Medical Billing Companies in California

There are different medical billing companies that you can choose based on your needs and preferences. Finding a medical billing firm to outsource work can be challenging if you don’t estimate the project’s complexity and size. Here are different medical billing firms you can choose from to get efficient service.  

·         Small Scale Medical Billing Company

Most of the healthcare facilities in California take help from small-scale medical billing services. If you are on a budget and don’t have a high volume of data, a small-scale medical billing company can help you with billing and medical coding procedure. However, you must ensure they are experienced enough in the medical industry.

If you choose a small medical billing company, it’s best to outsource a few smaller tasks, as they charge you per task to save you money. Furthermore, you need to keep in mind that not every outsourcing company offers billing and coding services. So, make sure to learn what type of services they offer.

·         Professional Medical Billing Firms

If you have a sufficient budget and need quality services, you need to choose a professional medical billing firm. These are typically ideal for facilities that have more than 200 employees. Their coding and billing services offer more features than small medical billing organizations.

They usually relieve healthcare practitioners of almost all administrative and back-office duties. However, some coding and billing services may come with an additional fee, so make sure you have detailed information about their invoicing procedures.

·         Physician Practice Management services

Firms in this category are bigger enterprises with trained and qualified staff and well-equipped infrastructure. They may cost you more than small and professional medical billing companies, but they take responsibility for most of your work.

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Victoria Nutting D.O.

I'm very thankful for Portiva who I know is looking after my practice while I'm gone the virtual assistants can manage prescription refills, documents they can triage patients and just kind of answer administrative questions and they can handle a lot on their own. But also, they're very good about contacting me if there's any emergency or anything I need to attend to. So I'm very thankful for Portiva they can help almost any provider almost anywhere and it really allows for some good work-life balance as I'm getting to experience right now at my family farm so I'm very thankful for Portiva and I'm very happy to use their services"

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Victoria Nutting D.O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

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Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant - I have all the support I need. There's somebody checking my email, any patient messages. Patients are still able to schedule and handle any scheduling issues and any kind of billing that needs to still go through. Portiva hands handles it all for me. I have support i have somebody that I can access 24/7 pretty much. It's all very seamless. If somebody has an emergency or needs a medication called in. I know that the va's at portiva will handle that for me.

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Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction
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"After switching to Portiva.com, we have seen a huge improvement in the quality of the transcripts and the turnaround time. I recommend Portiva's Virtual Assistants and remote medical scribe for any medical practice out there."

Michael F. Fry, MD, FAAOS


"We had an automated system for two years and were not happy. It’s a world of difference when humans answer the calls. We love your service and your price."

Dr. Jennifer E. Mullendore


"Thank you for making my daily life as a medical transcription coordinator a joy! I love how simple your transcription platform is to use. Hence, I no longer have to spend hours coordinating the clinical documentation work."

Dr. Robert Salant


"We rely on your notification system so much. I can’t believe we spent our valuable time calling people up manually about closures and other important things that we wanted our clients to know about."

Dr. Algie LaBrasca, D.O.


Medical Billing Services Companies Offer in California

Medical billing companies in California offer a variety of services to health care providers. You can choose services based on your needs or opt for a package that includes different types of services for your medical practice.

Here are a few common services you can expect after outsourcing your medical billing tasks.

Enrollment into the Billing System

You need to submit complete patient information when you need to claim reimbursement. This is why billing service providers greatly focus on patient enrollment. The experts enroll patient details from the facility’s registration system with basic information like insurance and demographic information.

This helps the insurance company collect important data about patients. With these services, healthcare providers can streamline their healthcare facility’s work and ensure to use of the right data that reduce the risk of other errors and mistakes in documentation.


Medical billing companies help with the verification process. This reduces the workload on you and your medical team so that you can focus on your healthcare business. For verification, a medical billing company will do the following tasks.

·         Insurance Verification

Verifying a patient’s insurance benefits and eligibility is vital to the medical billing process. Professional medical billing firms manage the verification process effectively. They also verify patients’ active healthcare coverage with the insurance organization.

Your hired medical billing company also verifies policy status, type of plan, claims mailing address, plan exclusive,  deductibles and co-insurances,  patient responsibilities comprising co-pays, effective data, etc when submitting claims.

·         Authorization

Getting insurance authorization is a crucial and time-consuming task. A credible medical billing firm performs this job effectively. They contact the insurance organization and take the assurance that the insurer will pay immediately for the services they require. It helps prevent any last-minute cancellation risk and ensures optimal cash flow.

Bills and Unpaid Claims Submission

The medical billing service provider automates the billing and claim submission process. They use your EMR or electronic medical record system, relevant patient data, individual patient data, and other crucial information in a standardized claim form.

Also, they run a series of claim scrubbing tools for each claim that you need to send to a payer to ensure the right codes are used, and the information is accurate and complete for maximum reimbursement. Furthermore, if claims get denied, the experts will deal with the issue by doing necessary follow-ups, checking the claim form, and resubmitting the claim.

Manage Data Storage

Medical billing firms typically take patient data and information from primary care physicians. They have the latest technology to configure and store huge data inventory. Generally, medical billing companies are HIPAA compliant and meet standards to ensure data security.

Medical billing organizations use cutting-edge technologies, billing software, and proven and tested methods to secure your Protected Health Information (PHI). Note that health care organizations should hire a medical billing provider who promises to offer high security regarding the patient’s and other facility’s data.

 Generally, your hired team will manage the following data:

·         Insurance information

·         Patient information

·         Physical information

·         Payment information

·         CPT modifiers

·         ICD codes

·         CPT codes

·         Medical coding

Transparent Reporting

Medical technology concept The doctor works with mobile phones, headphones and tablets

Medical billing companies ensure that healthcare facilities can access the updated financial information of the hospital, clinic, or particular services. When you outsource the billing services, the professionals will report your claim submission and acceptance rate, major transactions during the current month, the state of accounts receivables, and other data.

The medical billing service provider will update you with the new changes or any issues in the process. Healthcare professionals will always have access to the information they can use to provide the best medical care to patients. Since all the patient-related information will be present on a single platform, there will be less risk of misunderstandings during the treatment procedure of patients.

Medical Records

Medical billing companies can help you secure your medical records. They keep sensitive patients’ data safe. All the medical data is organized properly so you can easily access it when needed.

The medical billing team also stores billing information in the system accessible to the healthcare team. This helps doctors, the administration team, nurses, and other experts to prevent misunderstandings and treat patients according to their records.

Evaluating Insurance Coverage

Healthcare facilities can rely on medical billing service providers to document insurance coverage. The medical billers perform all the necessary tasks related to insurance claims, such as collecting patients’ information and resubmitting insurance claims after getting a denial.

Note that collecting data and claiming insurance is important to maximize your revenue. Therefore, it’s best to hand over these tasks to professionals who have been performing them for years and have appropriate qualifications and training.  

General Questions About Medical Billing

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing companies in California face several significant challenges regarding revenue cycle management. One of the most prominent challenges is billing services, particularly in Los Angeles, where the volume of medical billing services in California is high. Ensuring accurate coding services, eligibility verification, demographics entry, and denial management are all vital aspects of the revenue cycle management process.

Cycle management is another significant challenge for medical billing companies in California. Managing and tracking every stage of the revenue cycle process can only be easy with the right tools to evaluation the process. One of the essential tools in this area is denial management. It enables medical billing companies to proactively review any denied claims that come their way.

Another crucial challenge facing medical billing companies in California is revenue cycle management and evaluation. Revenue cycle management requires medical billing companies to manage the entire revenue cycle, from the first point of contact with the patient to the final payment. A gap in this cycle leads to a loss of revenue, and if unmanaged, it can lead to the downfall of the medical billing company.

The challenges in revenue cycle management for medical billing companies in CA are multifaceted, and it is necessary to address them proactively. Using compelling tool suites can be highly beneficial in ensuring that every single revenue cycle stage is efficiently managed.

Portiva ensure the accuracy of their revenue cycle management processes by employing several strategies, including advanced billing software tools, specialized coding providers, and effective denial management techniques. Portiva medical billing services, especially in cities like Los Angeles, rely on a sequential approach that begins with verifying patient eligibility. This process helps billing services ensure they have the most up-to-date information for accurate billing.

The next important stage is medical coding that help ensure accurate billing and submission of claims, preventing costly mistakes. Following this comes the crucial revenue cycle management process involving efficient claim submission and follow-up, compliance evaluation, and appeals management. To avoid claim denials, billing services in California use denial management tools and techniques that identify the root causes of denials and help eliminate them.

All these steps require continuous evaluation and refinement to improve billing accuracy and ensure revenue cycle management. As a result, Portiva have become experts in this field, providing reliable management services for healthcare providers and facilities. In summary, Portiva medical billing services use a combination of eligibility verification, medical coding, claim submission techniques, management tools to ensure the accuracy of their revenue cycle management processes. For more information, click here to get in touch with us.

Portiva uses a variety of key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure the effectiveness of its revenue cycle management. These KPIs include claim denial rates, accounts receivable (AR) days, clean claim rates, collections rates, and net collection percentage. These KPIs help companies to review their revenue cycle management and measure their financial performance. This is especially important for healthcare services, such as medical billing services in California, including Los Angeles, to ensure their management effectively optimizes revenue and improves the company’s overall financial health.

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In a nutshell, a credible medical billing company can offer you a number of services that make your task easy. Hiring reliable medical billing companies will reduce your workload and streamline your work. They will create an easy-to-understand system that stores all the important information about the patient and facility that your medical team can use.

It not only helps you and your team by making the job easier but also can help you provide the best services to patients. This is because, with accurate and well-maintained information, there are fewer risks of misunderstanding and delays in patient treatment and care. As a result, you can boost patient satisfaction and retention rates.  

Are you a primary care physician or a family practice looking for a reliable medical billing service provider in California? Portiva is one of the top medical billing services. We are not just a billing company but we are a team of experts who provide the best California medical billing services to support different medical practices so that they can focus more on their patient care.

With the help of our consulting company, you can increase revenue and reduce the number of denied claims. Our qualified, experienced, and trained team offers revenue cycle management services and works on every insurance claim until you receive the money for your services. We help you save money and time and help you run your medical practice better with our top-notch consulting services and billing services in California.

So, if you want effective solutions for proper billing, and your in-house medical billing department costs you more than half of your revenue, you need to contact us today. Portiva will look after all the mundane and time-consuming tasks for you.

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