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To increase your efficiency and save time and money, you must hire virtual assistants to help you with your medical and dental management services. You do not have to do all the paperwork alone and can take our help with other office activities.

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We connect you with the best dental, and virtual medical assistants trained and qualified to take over your mundane office tasks. Do you hate taking calls and would rather have someone else do it? Portiva is here with a fantastic solution! We understand how difficult it is for doctors to deal with patients and other organizational work. They often spend all their time in the office working on documentation and scheduling, among other things.

Portiva has consistently supported doctors, dentists, and other medical practitioners with their daily administrative tasks. We first began operating in 2009, and since then, we have not looked back. We aim to help as many medical professionals as possible.

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You can count on our virtual assistants to help you with billing, documenting medical records, and verifying insurance. If you want to get back to your social life or give more time to your family, then do not think twice and reach out to us today! As a trusted service, you do not have to worry about the quality of the services we will provide. To ensure premium service, we only hire professionals who belong to healthcare and have prior experience serving doctors and patients.

The integration of our virtual assistants will be smooth. With their prior medical knowledge, you won’t have to teach them anything, and they will start getting top-notch assistance right away!

Save Money with a Virtual Medical Assistant!

Link your office phone directly to the virtual medical assistant so they can take calls without you having to redirect the call manually. They can also use the same caller ID and make the calls independently. This can cut down a lot of work you have to do on your own. Not only that, but the virtual assistant can also access the office computer and document patient updates. Despite being virtual they can do all the tasks you may require.

You may want to hire an in-person employee but that can cause a big dent in your pocket. Not only will you have to pay them a hefty salary but you will also have to give them all the additional benefits employees usually get.

With Portiva, you can get the help you need at prices you won’t believe!

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Portiva Is A Solution Designed By Top Doctors

Mohammad Ashori, M.D
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
Virtual Medical Assistant - Victoria Nutting D.O.
Victoria Nutting D.O.
Board Certified Family Medicine Physician
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The Future of Healthcare is Here:

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It all began with a handful of doctors who understood the painstaking need for a virtual assistant. They interviewed over 100 doctors who complained about how difficult it was for them to keep up with all the management work while offering healthcare.

Managing a practice on your own is challenging; this is why most doctors end up closing their practice and joining an organization. Portiva is your solution to running your practice successfully.

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Virtual Medical And Dental Assistants with Experience

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All your organizational and documentation problems will now come to an end! Portiva offers to help you with its experienced and trained virtual assistants.

Take the load off your employees and yourself to get a better work-life balance. We can take the burden off your shoulders and connect you with well-trained staff who know what they are doing. Over the years, we have built great connections with our customers, and they continue to take our services as we work to make their lives easier and their practice more successful. As of now, we have yet to receive any complaints from the Better Business Bureau.

Let’s connect today! We are available round the clock to assist you, all you need to do is give us a call, explain your practice, and we will help you accordingly!

Connect with us today – we are available round the clock. Give us a call, explain what you need, and we will tailor our services accordingly! Moreover, Portiva also offers virtual scribe, virtual medical assistant services, and medical transcription services in Baltimore, Boston, and New York. Get a free consultation today to learn more!

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