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When patients enter a hospital, doctor’s office, or another medical health facility, they’re expecting to be treated with a high level of care and privacy. You can ensure your quality patient care extends to your files when you employ Portiva’s dictation services for physician in NY and other states. A major contributing factor that should immediately establish a level of trust in the services is that our company is HIPAA compliant, so you and your patients can rest assured as Portiva provides transcription for hospitals and other medical entities.

The recent rise in population and urbanization makes it almost impossible for doctors to know everyone in their city. Healthcare has shifted from a single-town doctor to a multi-level care system that people seem to pass through. However, one thing that has not changed is the care given to secure patient files and medical records.

The medical field is constantly evolving, and record-keeping should be on the frontline to maintain that standard of care. Every healthcare facility should be an avenue for people to seek treatment without worrying about their health information being used maliciously. Ensuring that clients’ information is protected increases their tendency to divulge confidences that might be vital for proper care and treatment.

New patients are especially concerned about the security of their medical information, and most would hesitate to divulge more than what was asked by the doctor. Medical professionals need to take the time to establish rapport with their clients to make them feel comfortable. Even then, many may still hold back sensitive information, not knowing how crucial that might be for their treatment.

Human beings are complex creatures, and we have the capacity to choose the things we show or tell other people. This can be detrimental to proper care and treatment in the medical field, especially for complicated cases. Physicians and other healthcare professionals are not-minded readers and cannot know everything unless people relay it to them.

Someone came in the emergency room, for example, with the complaint of stomach ache. Nurses would interview the patient to help doctors determine the cause of the pain so that proper treatment can be given. If that person ate something prior to the symptom without taking other medications or intervention then doctors will run some tests and prescribe the necessary medications.

But what if someone complained of stomach ache but failed to inform the nurse that it had been going on for weeks with increasing intensity? They might be given the same treatment as stated in the example above when more tests and information is needed in this case. A misdiagnosis can cause the life of this person and cause problems for the medical staff.

When people are assured that their health information is protected by every healthcare facility they walk into, proper diagnosis and treatment can be rendered. The healthcare system is meant to cater to every human being regardless of their preferences, but it is crucial to treat them biologically. These differences are vital for proper medication administration, as males and females react differently.

Establishing a trusting relationship with clients is of great importance in the healthcare field to gather all pertinent information. People knowing that their confidences are protected makes it easier for medical professionals to gather these data. A comprehensive record of medical history, treatment, and medication is crucial for doctors to make the correct diagnosis.

You can ensure your quality patient care extends to your files when you employ Portiva’s dictation services for a physician in NY and other states. A major contributing factor that should immediately establish a level of trust in the services is that our company is HIPAA compliant. You and your patients are assured that any health information is updated and protected.

Before the ability to put medical records into digital form, most clients were secure in knowing that their name, personal identification details, payment information, treatment details, and health conditions were tucked safely behind a lock and key in a filing cabinet. That was enough for them to breathe easily with the belief that their particulars were secure from wandering eyes. However, once invisible digital copies began replacing the paper files, information was at the fingertips of hackers and other electronic prying eyes. The HIPAA laws and requirements have changed over time to address the different storage methods that become available to the medical community.

dictation services for physician

That’s where a respected and trusted medical dictation service for physicians, like the one Portiva offers, comes in to save the day. Since Portiva is HIPAA compliant, we adhere to the same ethical standards patients have come to expect from all individuals within their professional medical network. From doctors to hospitals to rehab centers, businesses within the healthcare community can count on Portiva to uphold the same moral standards that the facilities themselves hold near and dear. Our company understands that trust and adherence to HIPAA are some of the core concepts that our clients and their patients have come to rely on, so we embrace them fully within our ranks as well.

Specifically, Portiva takes audio recordings of medical professionals and transcribes documents ranging from surgery notes to discharge summaries. Doctors take great care in making sure their patients can feel at ease and in establishing a trusting relationship. Choose the best when it comes to maintaining the expectations set by your offices when you select Portiva dictation services for physicians to handle your dictation services for physicians’ transcription needs. Contact us today to inquire about our services!

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