Three Benefits of Virtual Health Assistant

With the integration of new technologies, services like electronic medical transcription have made their way into the healthcare field as a way for practitioners and other healthcare professionals to accurately and seamlessly have records of different happenings within their practice.

Electronic medical transcriptions are a relatively new technology, but it can save practices time and money if implemented correctly with the right transcription company. Portiva has the best medical transcription providers in Philadelphia and around the United States.

So why are medical transcriptions so crucial for your practice? Here are three ways medical transcriptions can help you:

medical transcription services

More Time for Patient Care

When doctors and other healthcare professionals take time to complete patients’ medical records and physician reports, they’re taking time out of their day when they could be seeing a higher volume of people needing their service. When healthcare practices use Portiva, best virtual health assistant services in Philadelphia, they free themselves of administrative work and open their availability to more patients.

High Transcription Accuracy

In addition to our compliance with Health Insurance and Accountability Act (HIPAA), we aim to always deliver a highly-accurate transcription for each record we deliver. How do we do this? We developed a system of quality checks that guarantee 99% accuracy of transcriptions or higher. You’ll never have to worry that our virtual health assistant transcriptions have the wrong information.

Transfer Seamlessly into In-House EMR Systems

We understand the importance of having your medical files available electronically for both you and your patients. This information needs to be ready and accessible at all times, so, with the installation of our simple EMR integration software, you will always have access. They will transfer to your systems seamlessly, so you’ll never need to worry about not having the information you require.

Enroll in Our Electronic Virtual Health Assistant Services

No matter where your medical practice is in the United States, we can help your team get practical, accurate medical transcriptions in no time. If you’re ready to get started using our services, you can call us today at 610-632-8012 or fill out a contact form!