Electronic Medical Transcription Services (EMR)

When it comes to the processing and documentation of paperwork, there are few industries that deal with as much as those in the medical and healthcare fields. Between patient records, hospital and office reports, and procedural physician notes, medical facilities constantly have their hands full with paperwork. While keeping an organized record of all pertinent data is vital for healthcare and medical service providers, there are plenty of other aspects, such as patient care, that deserve undivided attention from medical staff.

With this in mind, Portiva offers a solution by providing the best online electronic medical transcription and dictation services for physicians. As a leading medical transcription provider since 2008, we have grown into one of the country’s best and most trusted medical transcription and dictation companies of auto-to-text transcription. From hospitals in Philadelphia, Montgomery, and Bucks Counties to medical offices up and down the West Coast, our company offers electronic medical transcription services — including remote medical transcription — to clients throughout the United States.

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Electronic Medical Transcription Services Online

Over the last decade, Portiva has gained the trust of numerous medical practices across America by focusing on producing accurate audio-to-text transcriptions for hospitals with competitive pricing and six-hour turnaround times. As the best medical transcription provider, our transcription company is continually sought after for advanced hospital transcription services. Just a handful of the confidential medical transcription, dictation and EMR entry services provided by our certified medical records transcriptionists include:

At Portiva, we recognize that when dealing with patients’ medical records and physician reports, accuracy is vitally important. For this reason, our medical dictation company guarantees that all EMR and healthcare transcriptionists are properly trained and certified to transcribe medical records with precision. Additionally, all of our medical transcription and dictation software is compliant with Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) regulations for guaranteed discretion with all sensitive medical data.

Why Choose Portiva?

For a large number of medical practices and healthcare offices across the country looking to transcribe medical records, Portiva uses medical transcription and dictation software to successfully provide physician transcription services. This allows medical facilities the ability to manage and prioritize staff workloads more effectively. While there are numerous benefits that companies experience with Portiva, some of the most prominent include:
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At Portiva, we believe that a medical center’s first priority should be patient care. For that reason, we are helping healthcare facilities nationwide save both time and money by taking the responsibility of transcribing medical records off of their plate.

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Our highly-skilled team of certified electronic medical transcriptionists is more than willing to help your medical office or radiology center by supplying you with services that provide accurate text documents through transcribing dictation from audio recordings. We can take on clients of any size in all corners of the country.

Whether your office is in Philadelphia, Bucks or Montgomery County, or anywhere else in the US, the digital healthcare transcription experts at Portiva are happy to help. With our electronic medical office, auto, and radiology transcription services online, you can spend more time focusing on your patients. If you are interested in signing up with Portiva for the best online medical transcription and dictation services for physicians, get in touch with us by filling out our contact form or by calling 610-632-8012 today.