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Portiva is proud to provide electronic medical transcription online to hardworking men and women supporting the public during the current pandemic. As a certified medical transcriptionist, Portiva understands just how vital accurate and timely medical reports can be to the health of a patient and the creation of a treatment plan. But what exactly are the benefits of adding medical transcription services to your practice?

Electronic Medical Transcription benefits both the medical service provider and the provider’s patients. Some of the most important benefits include:

  • Decreased physician fatigue

    Physicians often need to take pages and pages of notes throughout their daily routines, as each patient’s needs vary. Medical transcription can help reduce physician burnout by making accurate records of patient information faster and easier to find. Increasing doctors’ efficiency means extra time to see more patients or to spend with family and friends.

    Studies show that a healthy work-life balance is essential to prevent fatigue, especially in the medical field. Stressful circumstances and life-altering moments are happening in healthcare facilities at any given time. Being able to paddle through the pressures demanded from doctors is as vital as ensuring patient safety and well-being.

  • More accurate reporting

    From basic notes during a routine appointment to detailed treatment plans, information is passed between medical professionals at increasing speed. Unfortunately, there isn’t always time or human resources available to manually transcribe these notes before sending them out. This missing step can cause inaccuracies that can potentially put a patient’s health at risk.

    When medical professionals use a transcription service, they reduce the chances of human error when passing notes along. Accurate transcripts also enable nurses and other healthcare professionals to carry out orders with ease and speed. An efficient workflow can ensure prompt administration of treatment and faster recovery time.

  • Lowered expenses

    Medical transcription services don’t just provide benefits to physicians and patients — they can also help the administration control costs. Outsourcing transcription to a company like Portiva eliminates the need to purchase independent transcription software, which can cost tens of thousands of dollars. It also reduces the human need within the hospital or practice, allowing managers to direct workers to other jobs that may be more critical at the given moment.

    Technology has not yet come to a point where it can replace human intelligence, especially in the field of medicine. Systems and software are still dependent on the person utilizing them, which makes Portiva’s services essential to various medical practices. Investing in the right software and maximizing by the right people translates to better service overall.

    Medical transcription services also reduce the human need to be present within the hospital or practice. This allows managers to direct in-house staff to other jobs that may be more critical at the given moment. This is advantageous for patients as they receive prompt treatment as a result of having medical transcription services in place.

Electronic Medical Transcription

Increased income

Portiva’s Electronic Medical Transcription Services produce high-quality documents necessary for claims submission. Ensuring that all claim forms are accurate and complete reduces the chances of denials that usually result from inadequate or incorrect data. Exquisite gathering and upkeep of patient information ensure that everything is prepared for insurance claims.

Accurate medical records are also crucial in case an appeal has to be submitted when a claim is denied. Excellent documentation could save your practice time and effort in pursuing a claim. This ensures that payment will always be given for services rendered and physicians are rightly compensated.

Increased patient satisfaction

When you have medical transcriptionists handle your documentation, the patient’s waiting time is reduced. This encourages better patient-doctor relationships, which is essential for better management of healthcare. Doctors would spend less time on documentation and more time on patient interaction resulting in a more productive visit.

Having a medical transcriptionist can cut patients’ time waiting for prior authorization for medications and various procedures. Patients can be treated in a timely manner and can start their prescriptions as soon as possible. This leads to increased patient satisfaction, which in turn increases traffic for your practice.

Updated EHR system

Medical transcriptionists ensure the upkeep of your electronic health record (EHR) system for quality patient care. Getting up-to-date information can be critical, especially in fast-paced facilities like hospitals and urgent care centers. Physicians and other healthcare professionals depend highly on EHR to determine the right course of treatment.

A vital test result may point to a different illness which might explain the more apparent one that has been the focus of care. Getting these results in a timely manner would enable physicians to redirect treatment for that illness which would eventually take care of the other symptoms. The body is a complex creation, and treatments may not always work for other people who have the same disease.

Reduced chances of misdiagnosis

Accurate and complete documentation enables primary care providers to comprehensively evaluate patients before giving a diagnosis. A piece of updated information is critical for medical professionals to arrive at a sound diagnosis and correct treatment. Misdiagnosis occurs when the signs and symptoms of an illness mimic that of another or are very similar in manifestation.

In addition to good communication between healthcare providers, accurate documentation can save patients’ lives. Studies have shown that misdiagnosis has claimed more lives than most diseases which is why medical transcription services are essential now more than ever. Healthcare providers can end up with a messy malpractice lawsuit in cases when death is due to a misdiagnosis.

Diseases evolve over time both in complexity and their effects on various people and circumstances. Due to man’s capacity to adapt and survive, some illnesses have mutated, while some have lost potency over the years. Physicians must stay updated on the latest trends and management of other clinicians to stay on top of these changes. Fortunately, we are at a time when technology enables physicians to share case studies to improve the management of diseases.

Patients need accurate medical reports and treatment plans more than ever before. If you are a medical professional considering adding transcription to your practice, contact Portiva today at 610-632-8012 to get started. 

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