HIPAA Compliant Transcription Services

hipaa compliant transcription services

Ever since the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act became law in 1996. Hospitals have worked diligently to protect their patients’ information. As more hospitals look to outsource their medical transcription to save time for their doctors. Questions about whether or not the company that does the note transcription will follow the guidelines and stay HIPAA compliant are questions that hospitals must ask. Luckily, Portiva as the no. 1 medical transcription company in the US takes pride in ensuring that our transcription services remain HIPAA compliant. 

What It Means to be HIPAA Compliant

People outside of the medical field may have heard the term “HIPAA compliant” before. But are not aware of what meets this standard. To be a Medical Transcription Services HIPAA compliant. Medical institutions and professionals must have safeguards and procedures built into their systems that satisfy the HIPAA Security Rule. This rule, in particular, ensures that all patient information is protected. And also, only disseminated to authorized individuals or entities privy to confidential patient information. For an automated medical transcription service like Portiva, the information we receive is only for our eyes. The hospitals that contract us, and the doctors send the patient notes and information for transcription.

For hospital transcription services, outsourcing them to another company. May help to free up time in their doctor’s busy schedules for more one-on-one time with patients. However, it would help if you had assurances that the company you are outsourcing to is fully HIPAA compliant. Any business associate of a hospital must be in full HIPAA compliance. No identifying demographic-related information must be shared with outside entities. 

How Portiva Stays HIPAA Compliant

To stay compliant with the HIPAA Security Rule, Portiva works diligently to ensure that all of the information shared with us by our partner hospitals stays under the purview of those assigned to that project. We ensure that the data is protected and will never share it with anyone who does not have the proper authorization to see it. Our dictation services for physician help hospitals stay organized and better prioritize who needs which kind of help. The following video provides insight into our commitment to staying HIPAA compliant:

If you need Medical Transcription Services HIPAA compliant with your practice, especially in Massachusetts, contact Portiva today! Our medical transcription services deliver 98% accurate transcriptions for you and your team! If you have any questions or concerns please visit our FAQ page.

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