Attributes of the Best Medical Transcription Companies

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The Best Medical Transcription Companies?

Portiva is an excellent choice for reliable medical transcription services for any healthcare organization looking for a comprehensive solution that streamlines data entry while ensuring accuracy in retaining critical patient data.

medical transcription companies
medical transcription companies

The industry of medical transcription companies in the United States is a highly competitive one. Although there are dozens of companies that offer transcription services, only a few of have been able to establish a hold in the market. This post will get you familiar with 5 critical factors that make medical practitioners choose one medical transcription company over the other;

medical transcription companies

Quality transcription

Medical transcription data includes the patient’s progress, course, workup, evaluation, and other important details. Hence, it is critical that all the prerecorded voice files are converted correctly to text format. Top medical transcription companies deliver 99% + accuracy and strive to achieve the 100% mark.

Cost competitive

Hospitals, clinics, and medical practitioners all over the world are well aware of the heavy cost of modern transcription. Very few transcription companies provide affordable medical transcription but at the same time deliver on ease of use and maintain the quality of the transcription.

HIPAA compliant systems

Medical transcripts are needed for documentation of medication processes for insurance purposes. Hence, it is important that systems are compliant with the guidelines and rules laid down by HIPPA.

Round-the-clock support

Medical practitioners require quick assistance in case of questions and transcription doubts. Hence, round-the-clock service support is required to ensure help during odd hours. Hospitals and clinics prefer to partner with service providers that have customer service lines open 24/7/365.


Considering the sensitive nature of transcripts, security is as important as quality medical transcription or answering service protocol related services . The best medical transcription companies in the U.S. use high-end technology to protect the data entrusted to them.

Besides the above-listed points, flexible dictation and fast turnaround times are also critical features of leading transcription companies. Choose your transcription partner smartly for the best service and cost advantages.

Speech-to-text services are becoming increasingly popular to help businesses of all sizes by reducing the inefficiencies and frequent tedium associated with analyzing and interpreting customer interactions.

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This frees up time and energy to be redirected toward other, more crucial business functions that directly contribute to the bottom line.In this regard, the availability of medical transcribing services online has dramatically simplified and expedited the process. Here at Portiva, we also provide dictation services for physicians in NY.

The next time you are considering investing resources into customer analysis via recorded speech, consider some of the following advantages of transcription services.



Happy Patients


Expert VAs


Avarage Rating


Satisfied Doctors

Using Automatic Transcriptions, You Can Save Both Time and Money

Keeping a medical office or other business functioning efficiently and effectively under constant pressure can be challenging. Companies of all sizes can benefit from automating tasks like these by deploying speech recognition software to transcribe video and audio into clear and accurate text:

  • Legal compliance
  • NPS analysis
  • Demographic analysis
  • Call (and caller) categorization

Don’t Just Hear Your Customers & Patients: Listen to Them

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Customers’ perceptions of your company’s credibility are essential to your company’s success. If you genuinely want to help people, you need to get inside their heads. Our speech-to-text services will help you understand how your clients and consumers really feel about the work you do for them. In-depth data mining of previously recorded calls allows us to provide you an honest image of your clientele and, by extension, an accurate assessment of the state of your business as a whole.

Streamline Your Support Process

You may learn a lot about your support system and find ways to make it better by listening to recordings of calls from customers and clients. Taking the effort to record and evaluate client contacts will help you pinpoint problem areas and give your support staff a firm foundation to build.

Take Advantage of Speech-To-Text Services to Grow Your Business

As technology develops, speech recognition and transcription software will continue to find new ways to solve the most pressing business problems. To find out more, about audio transcription companies in Montgomery County, please call us at 610-632-8012 today.

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