We provide our customers with Medical Virtual Assistants and Dental Virtual Assistants.

We work with all kinds of medical specialties and EMRs. From private practice to larger medical groups. Our Medical Virtual Assistants are carefully vetted, well-trained, and can adapt to your unique workflows

Our Medical Virtual Assistants go through a comprehensive application and interview process. They’re selected based on their ability to work in a remote medical environment. Each applicant is subject to a background check and get certified in HIPAA training.

Live charting, transcription, back-office responsibilities, phone calls, and other tasks can all be performed by our Medical Virtual Assistants. Anything you can do on a computer, you can probably have one of our VA’s do the job.

Also, referrals, refill requests, faxing, phone calls, insurance verifications, prior authorizations, eligibility, calling patients/insurance companies, and much more are some of the services they can provide.

We use online time tracking software to track and monitor all of our Medical Virtual Assistants. It keeps track of the movements and actions of the mouse and keyboard. The time tracking software only records their time when doing direct work for you and don’t count their breaks.

You and your Medical Virtual Assistant set the weekly schedule; thus, the VA should be there at the start/end times.

For safety concerns, we do not allow VAs to work from home. Instead, we assign campaign and quality assurance managers to supervise the VA at the office and ensure everything is carried out efficiently.

Our price structure is transparent. Without contracts, we offer a flat hourly fee of $10.

Our HIPAA-compliant Zoom video conferencing license would be the only other (if necessary) fee. A HIPAA-compliant setup is accomplished by connecting it to your device via audio/video.

HIPAA-compliant Zoom license starting price is $14.99 per month, with no contracts — straight through Zoom.

We’re dedicated to helping you save time and money! After all, time is money.

Assess this scenario: If you see 15 patients each day and spend 3 minutes on their medical records, you’ll spend approximately 45 minutes on medical charts nearly every day. You could use that extra time to visit two more patients if you hire a VA who will do your medical charts live in the room.

Suppose your earnings are $50 per patient. You will earn an extra $100 daily or nearly $1,000 monthly! Not to mention the money you’ll save by hiring our Medical Virtual Assistant.

The Philippines government affirms that people who compromise private information, such as the PHI, will be prosecuted under a newly established law named The Data Privacy Act of 2012. Furthermore, if the Philippine citizens work for a company outside of the Philippines, they can be held liable for their acts. You can learn more about this here The Data Privacy Act of 2012. Our Medical Virtual Assistants are all based in the Philippines, where the government, keen to promote global partnerships, established the Data Privacy Act of 2012, similar to HIPAA in the United States. This law assures that all private information is protected, and the consequences for violating the law are severe. Our Portiva Medical Virtual Assistants have been carefully vetted, have thorough background checks, and have HIPAA training certificates to certify their understanding of data safety. We also urge you to sign a Business Associate Agreement with the VA, just like you would with any other partner who could have access to your PHI (protected health information). You would regard them the same way you treat any other system user, with regular HIPAA security audit protocols.

When working with employees, as with any practice, a doctor’s job is to ensure that HIPAA agreement protocols are in place.

All of our Medical Virtual Assistants have certificates in HIPAA training and comply with the Philippines’ Data Privacy Act of 2012. We also demand that all our VAs undergo an NBI clearance, the Philippine counterpart of an FBI background check. Our VAs also form a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our customers.

There are two ways to provide your VA access to EMR: direct username and password with limited access to the system. On the other hand, you may have a computer at your office with your EMR and remote desktop software that your VA will have access to.

The Philippines Data Privacy Act of 2012 protects you if there purposefully violates protected health information abroad. This law detains. Philippine citizens are responsible for their acts and cover those harmed in the United States. You can learn more about this here.

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