The Benefits of Healthcare Transcription Services for Patients

Looking at the many kinds of healthcare transcription services available online might lead you to believe that any program can work because it’s a straightforward process. It’s a glorified version of data entry that you could easily accomplish in your day, or have an assistant handle…right?

There might be plenty of options to transcribe treatment plans and other necessary medical information into an EMR system, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t consider investing in a quality transcription service. Outsourcing your transcription services can have a positive impact on your patients and protect them from serious harm.

By outsourcing your transcription services, you can:

Expedite Care

Updating a patient’s medical records takes time, which means that doctors and nurses are probably spending more time making sure the notes are accurate than treating patients. When you use a transcription service, you free up time to focus on the patient, who may not connect the importance of the notes to making sure they get the necessary care.

healthcare transcription services


Reduce Errors in Patient Treatment

While accurate notes in a patient’s medical records may be an obvious requirement, it is one of the easiest ways to improve the patient’s and other clinicians’ experience. Most clinicians know that it’s essential that pharmacy orders, administration of prescribed medication, and the details of a personal history be recorded. However, clinicians are also human and can forget to note when a drug was administered or if an injury is getting worse, leading to issues down the line. The longer a problem goes without a clear resolution, the more likely it is that a patient will suffer severe side effects in the long run as a result of treatment.

Increase the Number of Details in the Record

It’s common knowledge that “the devil’s in the details,” and when it comes to developing a treatment plan for patients, the smallest detail can prove to be a game changer for clinical outcomes.

The medical staff needs to have records of any details the patient tells them. Something like knowing about an allergy to a specific medication can mean the difference between making a full recovery and a malpractice suit. If you don’t have a transcription service in place, a clinician might forget critical pieces of information before having a chance to enter them into the EMR system, leaving your patient at risk of serious complications.

Healthcare transcription services is a highly specialized service that requires efficiency and in-depth knowledge of medical terminology to be a useful aid to medical practices and their patients. If you are interested in transcription services, give the Portiva team a call today to find out how our transcriptionists can help your patients get the treatment they deserve!

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