Speech Transcription Services: Productivity Increased

speech transcription services

There are many ways that speech transcription services or voice transcription services are revolutionizing the way we record and document information, and some of the most significant developments with this technology are its uses within the medical and healthcare fields. When speech-to-text software was introduced into the physician’s office, productivity boomed, and informational discrepancies were drastically reduced. This allowed physicians to focus on other, more immediately pressing things than the recording and documentation of various tasks and functions associated with patient care. By introducing transcription for hospitals, Portiva is hoping to increase physician productivity while mitigating miscommunications and eliminating documented informational inconsistencies.

Speech Transcription Services Transform Your Audio into Text

Here are a few ways we’ve seen our technology revolutionize the doctor’s office:

Less Paperwork

 One of the more significant allures of speech-to-text technology is that it allows physicians to reduce the amount of paperwork they need to physically attend to. With a precise recording system at their disposal, physicians avoid the need to write or type numerous patient records, including critical information like diagnosis and treatment notes.


Without a doubt, it takes significantly less time to speak than it does to write or type. By using our speech recognition services, physicians no longer need to manually prepare endless reports, and instead have more time for primary duties, like attending to patients. Additionally, dictation software decreases average report time, making time management a much less demanding task.

Improved Workflows

Many physicians are confident in speech transcription’s ability to enhance workflows by saving time that would otherwise be spent on tedious documentation tasks, but there is also something to be said about the software’s ability to recognize specific users and understand a variety of accents and dialects.

Our speech transcription services or speech recognition services have the potential to revolutionize workflow and physician productivity by improving the overall quality and accuracy of information while reducing the amount of time it takes medical professionals to document critical information related to patient care and core medical processes.

Portiva remains one of the leading medical dictation companies in the speech transcription industry. We are the trusted speech-to-text transcription services or speech-to-text services in the US. To learn more about our services, contact us at 610-572-1539 and continue to explore our site. For any further questions or inquiries, please fill out a contact form.

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