Speech Recognition Services Benefit Companies

Speech-to-text services transcription services are gaining popularity as a way to help businesses by taking care of the tedious and inefficient work of analyzing and interpreting client interactions so that money and time can be spent on other, more profitable tasks. Medical transcription services, for instance, are offered online in Philadelphia for maximum ease of use. In addition to our other services, Portiva also caters law enforcement transcription services for the Philadelphia police and other associated law enforcement agencies.

The next time you or your business is considering dumping resources into customer analysis on the basis of recorded speech, consider the following.


Speech Recognition Services

What Does Speech Recognition Do?

Automatic transcriptions can help you save time

Maintaining productivity and efficiency in times of pressure can be a significant obstacle for a company with a small team and limited means. The speech recognition software may automate a wide variety of tasks for businesses of all sizes by translating spoken or recorded words into precise written text:

speech recognition services

  • NPS analysis
  • Legal compliance
  • Demographic analysis
  • Repeat call analysis
  • Call (and caller) categorization
  • Complaint analysis

Don’t Just Hear Customers, Listen to Them

Customer feedback is crucial to the growth and survival of your company and brand. Get as much information as possible on them so you can provide the most effective help. To help you better understand how your consumers and clients feel about your service, product, or company, we offer speech recognition services. To provide a bird’s-eye view of your company’s health, we mine extensive data from call logs to give you a more accurate image of your consumers.

Streamline the Support Process

Your company may enhance its customer support procedures by listening to recordings of actual client calls. By recording and analyzing client interactions, you can better pinpoint areas where your support staff can improve and give them something concrete from which to work.

speech recognition services

Utilize Speech-to-Text Services to Expand Your Enterprise

Speech recognition and speech transcription software will continue to find novel approaches to businesses’ most pressing problems as technology advances. To learn more about our speech transcription services, please call us at (800) 991-6922.Please fill out a contact form for any further inquiries and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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