Speech Recognition's Drawbacks and Advantages

speech recognition

Any individual or company seeking the most effective solutions for document creation has considered the use of speech recognition software.

As a technology that is still at a stage of relative infancy, voice recognition software is not without some limitations. However, with the help of transcription services from Portiva, it is highly likely that you will reap the benefits of these technologies while ensuring textual accuracy.

Why Invest in Speech Recognition Tools?

Nearly any application of speech recognition tools can offer a range of advantages within most industries. These benefits include:

Because the vast majority of people speak faster than they can write, speech recognition software provides an easy way to have words processed into a document without a delay in the transcription. This faster speed is what many people seek out in its use. Typing is almost always inferior to the natural communication process offered by speech-to-text.

High Accuracy
Although it should be proofread for quality, speech recognition software can produce a document free of errors. As technology advances, new programs tend to be well-designed and offer reliable results in numerous applications.

Hands-Free Convenience
When completing a task or working with a client, the use of speech-to-text technology negates the disconnect which may occur when typing behind a computer screen. By facilitating simple and convenient note-taking, speech recognition software frees the speaker to handle other materials and maintain eye contact and spatial awareness.

These are compelling benefits of the technology, but there are limitations to take into consideration.

The Challenges of Speech Recognition

Like most of the automated tools of our time, there are limits to just how well a product like this can work. While we feel the benefits significantly outweigh the challenges, it is important to keep expectations realistic when dealing with progressing technologies. Consider these to be typical concerns when utilizing speech recognition tools.

Accurate, But Imperfect
Close to perfect accuracy isn’t totally accurate. This is a critical factor to consider when choosing services, especially for legal or medical needs. In these cases, precise accuracy is paramount. Professional reputations are determined, in part, by how well they present themselves in writing. At Portiva, we combine technology with the human touch to accurately transcribe medical records for Montgomery County physicians and medical professionals in order to best represent their practice.

Industry Jargon or Complex Phrasing
Every sector of business has its own unique vocabulary and idioms. It can be challenging for a standalone tool to be successful in translating them into written format if these are not part of standard English. We can circumvent that with integrated medical transcription software for Montgomery County medical agencies.

Minor Quirks and Inconsistencies
Some speech-to-text software may be unable to transliterate the words of those who run words together, speak quickly, or have an accent. Accuracy suffers when more than one speaker is talking and being recorded.

Portiva Provides Solutions

The most successful clients combine the use of a professional transcription service, such as Portiva, with the use of speech-to-text technology to achieve the most desired outcome for their documents. Speech recognition software speeds up the initial work, at which point a professional transcriptionist can manage accuracy concerns and the overall details of a project.

At Portiva, we empower every project to achieve true success through our combination of speech-to-text resources which are supported by certified legal, medical, and business transcriptionists. Contact us at 610-572-1539 and explore our site to learn more about Portiva and the services we provide.

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