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Prior Authorization Insurance: Doctors Strategic Insights

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prior authorization insurance a doctor tending to a patientPrior authorization refers to the process where your healthcare provider needs approval from your health insurance company before providing you with any medication or medical treatment. However, obtain don’t approval to avoid paying the entire bill yourself.

This article will share the prior authorization process, how it functions, why healthcare insurers require prior authorization, medical facilities that need prior approval, and how to get a prior authorization approval. By obtaining prior approval, patients can significantly reduce the financial burden associated with medical expenses, as failure to secure approval may result in bearing the full cost of the healthcare services.

Prior Authorization Process

Prior authorization is a management process used by health insurance companies to decide if a prescribed medication or medical service falls within your health insurance plan’s criteria.

If your request qualifies the criteria, the insurer reviews it in detail to determine whether they’ll cover payment or partial payment for your specific medical procedure.

Remember, prior approval is necessary for your health insurance company to provide for the medication or the medical necessity. In that case, you will need to pay your bills.

How Prior Authorization Works?

Your healthcare provider sends a prior authorization request to your health insurer. The health insurance company takes a few days to review your request and revert with either of the responses.

  • Approve your prior authorization request.
  • Reject your prior authorization request.
  • Ask questions for their clarification.
  • Recommend low-cost, effective alternatives.

The responses the health insurance provider will provide depend on the clinical data and information sent by the healthcare office. However, you can ask your health insurer to review their decision if you receive a denial.

Timeframe for Approval

Delving into the realm of prior authorizations unfurls a tapestry intricately woven with the nuances of health plans and the crux of health care service. The duration of prior authorizations is like a compass navigating through the landscape of prescribed medications and treatments.

It’s not a bureaucratic checkpoint but a lifeline that health plans cast to ensure effective health coverage. In this choreography of approvals, health plans meticulously assess the clinical data submitted by healthcare providers, determining the scope of coverage for individuals.

These prior authorizations are not arbitrary red tape; they are a pivotal bridge connecting the aspirations for optimal healthcare service with the defined parameters of health plans. The timelines aren’t just about clocks; they are a synchronized dance between individuals and health plans, ensuring a seamless integration of health coverage with the diverse needs of those on the journey toward well-being.

Why Do Health Insurance Companies Ask For Prior Authorization?

The health insurer demands prior authorization requests because they want to review your request to decide whether a prescribed medication or treatment is medically obligatory.

Your healthcare provider may have prescribed expensive medication or medical treatment. Prior authorization allows the insurance company to analyze your request and provide a lower-cost, effective alternative to cure your injury.

“Navigating” Health Insurance: The Crucial Role of Prior Authorization in Patient-Centric Care Advocated by the American Medical Association”

american medical association doctor giving presentation to teamIn the ever-changing healthcare industry, the American Medical Association (AMA) plays a vital role in shaping and navigating its complex landscape. As an influential advocate for physicians and patients, the AMA actively promotes comprehensive health plans focusing on patient-centric care. This commitment to collaboration resonates throughout various insurance options, ensuring individuals receive optimal treatment while understanding their benefits thoroughly.

The American Medical Association continually champions this collaborative approach to improve relationships between providers and health plans at large through continuous efforts towards enhancing the healthcare system altogether.

How Many Days Does Prior Authorization Needs For An Approval?

The number of days your prior authorization request will take depends on your medication’s or medical treatment’s complexity. Also, the clinical data and other information sent to the health insurance company, along with the request form, play a crucial role in shortening or lengthening the process of your prior approval.

Every insurance company has criteria to approve or reject a prior authorization request. Based on the data provided by the healthcare provider, the insurer assesses your prior approval request and responds at their speed.

This process may decelerate if any information needs to be included or entered correctly in the request form. To ensure the process operates at the right pace, it’s essential to submit thorough and correct information to the health insurance company.

Medical Treatment & Medication That Require Prior Authorization

Many medications and medical services require prior authorization. Following are some of the medical treatments and medications that require prior authorization.

Medical Treatment That Demands Prior Authorization

  • Medical services that are frequently misused.
  • Diagnostic imaging services like CTs and MRIMRI scans.
  • Non-emergency surgical service like elective surgery.
  • Medical treatment is given is given only in certain health states.

Medication That Demands Prior Authorization

  • Expensive prescription drugs.
  • Medication with dangerous side effects.
  • Prescription drugs with a high probability of addiction.
  • Medication is only used for cosmetic reasons.
  • Prescription drugs are used for certain health conditions.
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How To Get Approval for Your Prior Authorization Request

You must get prior approval for a specific medical service or medication from your health insurer before getting the prescribed medical care for your injury. If you begin your medical work without prior approval, your health insurance company won’t pay won’t bills, and you’ll have you’ll the entire bill yourself. Here are some key tips to help you obtain approval for your prior authorization request.

  1. Talk to the Decision-Maker

Even though it’s your pittance company that demands a prior authorization request, it’s not certainly your health insurer who is the decision-maker of your prior approval request. A few insurance companies do in-house prior authorizations, and some take assistance from benefit management companies for such tasks.

Your health insurer may consult a pharmacy benefits company to process your prior authorization request for certain medications. Similarly, the insurance company may share your clinical data and information with on-field specialists for review. Based on their analysis, the insurer will share its response. 

If you need to learn about your prior approval request, your insurance provider will guide you in the right direction. Refrain from relying on your health insurer to decide your prior authorization requests or rejections. Hold your words until you speak to the person who will decide on your request.

               2. Read the Clinical Guidelines

You must carefully see the clinical guidelines based on which the reviewers decide. You can contact your health insurance provider to know whether these rules are virtually available. If the guidelines are accessible online, the insurer will share them with you.

You can provide the accurate information your health insurance provider needs by reading these guidelines. Your prior authorization process may speed up if your insurer receives all necessary information timely, and you’ll also get prior approval for your medication or medical service.

               3. Submit Correct and Thorough Information

obtain approval man signing a contractSubmit accurate and thorough information on the prior authorization form to get approval. Your request may be delayed or denied if any data entered needs to be more accurate or complete.

For instance, you entered a shorter name on the prior approval form, which doesn’t match your health insurance company data. Due to this minor error, your insurer may refuse your approval request.

Likewise, if the medication or medical treatment details you shared must be corrected correctly, your prior authorization request may be accepted.

Occasionally, the healthcare office sends your prior authorization request with incomplete notes related to your medical case. Such information can end up in denial. Therefore, it’s crucial to go through the entire request form and fill in the correct information before you submit it to your health insurance provider for prior approval.

               4. Contact Your Insurance Provider If They Reject Your Request

Call your healthcare provider to find the reason behind the denial of your request. You can also speak to your health insurer to discover why they refused your request for a certain medication or medical treatment.

Ask the insurance company to share the reason for the request denial in easy words. You may get approval if you fix the cause of rejection.

For instance, your healthcare provider may have prescribed an expensive medical treatment to cure your injury, which the insurance provider believes isn’t obligatory. Knowing this, you can request your healthcare provider to share the necessary information with the insurer about why you need this prescribed medication. Your health insurance company may grant you a prior approval if it falls within the criteria of your health plan.

Your healthcare provider may have shared any inaccurate information with your request form. Communicating with your healthcare provider helps you identify and fix such gaps to boost your chances of obtaining approval.

              5. Ensure the Insurance Provider Follows the Guidelines

Ensure that your health insurance provider complies with the state’s regulations related to prior authorization.

For instance, your health insurer can only demand prior authorization request to determine any medication or medical treatment if it has a protocol for a medical necessity.

Your insurance provider can’t ask for cantor approval in an emergency case. Also, you don’t need to submit prior approval if you visit your obstetrician-gynecologist for a certain medical service.

You can also check with your healthcare provider to understand the guidelines, as they will be well-versed in these prior authorization rules. The more you understand how this process functions, the better you can handle your prior authorization request for a medical treatment or medication.

How to Fasten Up Your Prior Authorization Request

You can speed up your prior authorization process by contacting your health insurer and informing them that you urgently need prescribed medication or medical treatment. Also, you can record the correspondence between your healthcare provider and insurance company. However, it would help if you created a sense of urgency by regularly talking to your healthcare provider and insurer to pace up your prior authorization request.


The prior authorization process allows the health insurance company to determine if the prescribed medication or treatment is medically necessary. It also helps them review your request and recommend a low-cost, effective alternative. However, to obtain prior authorization for your medical necessity, you must submit your request form to the health insurance provider with correct and accurate information. Further, you can track your request to ensure it gets processed promptly for approval.

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