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How to Speed up Prior Authorization for Medication

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prior authorization process doctor checking to a patientYou may have met an accident that resulted in a severe injury. To treat your injury, you visit a doctor who prescribes you a specific medication or medical treatment. However, your healthcare provider needs approval from your health insurer before they treat your injury. If he misses this process or fails to obtain approval, you’ll have to pay your bill alone.

This article will share key topics like what prior authorization is and how it works, why health insurance companies require prior authorization, how to obtain prior authorization, and how to speed up your prior authorization for medication.

Navigating Prior Authorizations

Prior authorizations are a vital aspect of the healthcare landscape, ensuring that prescribed medications or medical procedures align with the requirements set by health insurance providers. This management process, initiated by healthcare providers, involves submitting prior authorization requests to assess the medical necessity of the proposed treatment.

Navigating the intricate terrain of healthcare involves a crucial aspect – prior authorizations. These authorizations play a pivotal role in ensuring that the prescribed medications or medical procedures align seamlessly with the stringent requirements set forth by health insurance plans. It’s not merely a bureaucratic hurdle; it is a crucial checkpoint initiated by healthcare providers to guarantee the appropriateness of the proposed treatment.

Striking the right balance between the patient’s needs and the guidelines set by health insurance plans is essential for optimal patient care. By obtaining prior authorizations, healthcare providers contribute to a smoother healthcare journey, enhancing patient care while adhering to the intricacies of health insurance plans. The meticulous navigation of prior authorizations thus becomes a cornerstone in achieving a delicate equilibrium between medical necessity and efficient patient care.

What is the Prior Authorization Process?

Prior authorization is a management process used by your health insurance company to determine if a prescribed medication or procedure is medically necessary.

If your request qualifies the healthcare plan criteria, your healthcare insurance provider approves your request. Conversely, if it fulfills the requirements, They will accept it.

The health insurance provider will only cover your medical bill with prior approval. In that case, you will need to pay your bills.

Streamlining with Electronic Prior Authorization

electronic prior authorization holding a tabletThe healthcare industry has recently witnessed a shift towards efficiency through electronic prior authorization. This technological advancement aims to expedite the prior authorization, reducing the administrative burden on healthcare providers and patients.

Practices embracing this digital approach report significant decreases in workload and costs, offering a streamlined alternative to traditional methods.

Evolving healthcare through integrating Electronic Prior Authorization (ePA) is a pivotal shift toward efficiency. By delving into the intricacies of ePA, the narrative unfolds a transformative technological advancement that eases the burdens on healthcare providers and patients.

Adopting ePA is depicted as more than a mere shift from traditional methods; it symbolizes a game-changing approach, significantly reducing administrative workload and associated costs. The streamlined alternative presented by ePA is showcased as a practical solution and a progressive step forward in the quest for optimal patient care.

How Prior Authorization Works?

The prior authorization process starts when your healthcare provider submits a prior authorization request to your health insurance provider to get prior approval for a certain medical procedure or medication. The health insurer reviews your request and responds with the following decisions.

  • Approve your prior authorization request.
  • Refuse your prior authorization request.
  • Ask more questions for clarity.
  • Suggest low-cost, effective alternatives.

The health plan provider’s response will depend on the clinical data and the information your healthcare provider shared. Their medical doctors and clinical pharmacists’ team will check if the prescribed medication or treatment is medically necessary before approving or refusing your request.

However, if they reject your prior authorization request, you can request your health insurance provider to review their decision.

Who Is Responsible For Obtaining Prior Authorization?

The healthcare provider is mainly responsible for getting a prior authorization. They start the process by submitting a prior approval request to the health insurance provider alongside the client’s necessary details. The health insurer assesses the prior authorization request and shares their response based on the provided data health plan criteria. However, if they deny your request, you can ask them to review their decision.

Why do Health Insurance Companies Seek Prior Authorization?

Your health insurance provider asks for prior authorization to review your approval request for a certain medication.

Your healthcare provider may have prescribed an expensive medication to cure your illness. Prior authorization allows the insurance company to check if any low-cost, effective alternative can heal your injury.

What Type of Medication Requires Prior Authorization Requests?

Various medications require prior authorization and approval from the health plan provider. Following are a few types of medication that require prior authorization.

  • Prescription drugs can be dangerous when taken with other drugs.
  • Medication used for cosmetic works.
  • Prescription drugs are used for certain health conditions.
  • Expensive medication.
  • Medications that are frequently misused.

Meeting Prior Authorization Requirements

Understanding and meeting prior authorization requirements is crucial for a seamless process. Attention to detail is paramount, whether filling out the request form accurately or attaching the necessary clinical data. Deviations from these requirements may result in delays or even denials, underscoring the importance of adhering to the established guidelines.

How Much Time Does the Prior Authorizations Take?

health insurance plans doctor approving an informationEvery prior authorization process is different; that’s why it varies in terms of completion. It may get completed within a week or may take a month. Its processing depends on the clinical data and information your healthcare provider shares. If everything is correct and explained in detail, you’ll probably get approval early. However, your request may get delayed or refused if anything needs to be corrected or added.

You must carefully fill out your request form and provide correct and thorough information to ensure your prior authorization request is timely and accepted.

How To Obtain Prior Authorization for Medication?

Prior Authorization process varies as per your health insurance policy. The best option is to contact your health insurance company to understand your health plan guidelines. If you need prior authorization, follow these steps to obtain prior approval for medication.

Check the Eligibility Of The Patient

‍Before sending your prior authorization request, ensure you are eligible per the prescribed medication’s health plan. Also, see if there’s any restriction on certain types of medication.

Assess If Your Medication Needs Prior Authorization

‍Identify if your medication requires prior authorization because not every medication needs a prior approval request. Call your health insurance provider to check if a prior authorization request is necessary for your prescribed medication.

Complete the Prior Authorization Form

‍Many health insurance providers ask patients/healthcare providers to submit their requests along with a form they provide.

You can even get that form by visiting your health insurer’s website. The request form will ask you to share all necessary details related to your clinical data and medication.

Submit Prior Authorization Request

Submit your prior authorization request to your health insurance provider along with clinical data and all necessary information. Make sure you enter correct and thorough information in the request form. In addition, you can easily share your prior approval request via email to the concerned department.

Track Prior Authorization Request

Regularly checking with the health insurance provider is essential to keep a strong follow-up on your prior authorization request. Based on the complexity of your request and workload, your prior approval request for medication will be processed. If you fill your request correctly with all the necessary information, your prior authorization request may get approved timely.

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Advancing Medication Prior Authorization Procedures

You can fasten up your prior authorization by contacting your health insurance company and sharing how medically necessary this prescribed medication is for curing your illness. It can be an option but surely not a preferred one. However, there’s a better way by which you can speed up your prior authorization process. Here’s that approach.

Hire a Professional

prescription drugs nurse listing on a sheetGiven how many days will be spent on the prior authorization process, it makes zero sense to charge your prior approval request to somebody inexperienced in this area or distribute the work among many individuals. Instead, hire somebody with hands-on experience and expertise in this field or put somebody in your practice with a talent for this process.

Give him the information they need to document your prior authorization process and update payer rules. However, if you are consulting more than one physician, let them handle obtaining full-time prior authorizations without distraction. Assist them in setting up a system that ensures they track every activity to keep things in motion in your prior approval process.

Don’t Try To Fight City Hall

Instead of restricting this complicated process, become proactive by preparing master lists of medications that need prior authorization from your health insurance provider. Ask your healthcare provider to check prior authorization requirements before prescribing any medication.

Get Organized

You must submit a complete request supported by accurate and thorough information to obtain prior authorization approval the first time. Don’t look to take any shortcuts at this stage, as it will only result in a denial. After that, you’ll need to compile all documentation in a way you tried to skip in the first place. You can get assistance from a healthcare provider if you need clarification in organizing your paperwork.

Be Ready to Appeal

Your prior authorization specialist should guide your healthcare provider on organizing a well-articulated request to obtain prior authorization for a certain medication. Most of the time, the specialist collects enough information to force a successful appeal. However, in cases where there’s no specialist, the healthcare provider needs to take care of all these things. The specialist can give whatever guidance you or your healthcare provider needs.

Utilize Time Correctly

Calling your health insurer shouldn’t be a better option if you have a physician. Often, a five-minute phone conversation between your healthcare provider and your health insurance company can save significant time trying to fix a prior authorization that went wrong. However, only the healthcare provider can argue for approval when it comes to fail-first-step therapy.

Embrace Technology

Embracing technology is the quickest way to make improvements in this challenging situation. Switching from fax or telephone calls to digital communication can speed up the prior authorization process. Electronic prior authorization is there to ease your workload and boost the efficiency of getting prior authorization. Normally, practices whose prime method to obtain prior authorization report a 94% decrease in workload and a 50% decrease in cost.

Speeding Up Prior Authorizations

Strategies for speeding up the prior authorization process in the evolving healthcare landscape are essential. Embracing technological advancements, such as electronic prior authorization, has become a game-changer, reducing administrative burdens for both healthcare providers and patients.

Additionally, the article suggests hiring experienced professionals with hands-on expertise in navigating the complexities of prior authorizations. These strategic approaches streamline the process and contribute to a holistic and efficient patient care journey, aligning with the standards advocated by influential bodies like American Medical. 

Mastering Prior Authorizations for Optimal Treatment

Seeking medical treatment after an injury is a common scenario, but the path to approval from your health insurer can be intricate. Prior authorizations serve as a crucial checkpoint initiated by healthcare providers to guarantee the appropriateness of prescribed medications or treatments.

It’s not merely a bureaucratic hurdle; it plays a pivotal role in aligning patient needs with the stringent requirements set forth by health insurance plans. Striking this delicate balance is essential for optimal patient care, and understanding the nuances of the prior authorization process becomes a cornerstone in achieving this equilibrium.

Prior Auth: Key Strategies for Success

healthcare providers shaking handsTo navigate the complexities of the prior authorization landscape successfully, healthcare providers can adopt key strategies. Being proactive by maintaining master lists of medications requiring prior auth, utilizing experienced professionals, and embracing technology is pivotal. These strategies not only facilitate a smoother process but also contribute to reducing the administrative burden associated with prior authorizations.

Prioritizing the understanding and efficient management of prior authorizations is essential for healthcare providers and patients. Through strategic approaches and embracing technological advancements, the goal is to streamline the process, ensuring timely approvals and minimizing administrative challenges.

Amidst the intricacies of healthcare, successful navigation of the prior authorization landscape has garnered attention from esteemed bodies such as the American Medical Association. Healthcare providers, guided by the American Medical Association, can implement essential strategies to ensure the effectiveness of the prior authorization process.

Proactive measures, like maintaining comprehensive lists of medications requiring prior authorization, align with the guidelines advocated by the American Medical Association and contribute significantly to improved patient outcomes. The strategic use of experienced professionals in the field and technology integration can further streamline medical services, ultimately enhancing patient care.

By prioritizing these strategies, healthcare providers forge a path that aligns with the patient’s health plan and upholds the standards set by influential organizations like the American Medical Association, fostering a holistic approach to patient well-being.


In conclusion, navigating the intricate landscape of prior authorizations emerges not as a bureaucratic hurdle but as a crucial checkpoint in the delicate balance between patient needs and insurance requirements.

The strategies outlined, including adopting electronic processes and employing experienced professionals, underscore a commitment to efficient healthcare practices. By prioritizing these approaches, healthcare providers can streamline the prior authorization process and contribute to an enhanced patient care experience.

Embracing these measures aligns with the standards that influential organizations like the American Medical Association advocate, ultimately fostering a holistic and patient-centric approach to healthcare delivery.

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