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Victoria Nutting D.O.

I'm very thankful for Portiva who I know is looking after my practice while I'm gone the virtual assistants can manage prescription refills, documents they can triage patients and just kind of answer administrative questions and they can handle a lot on their own. But also, they're very good about contacting me if there's any emergency or anything I need to attend to. So I'm very thankful for Portiva they can help almost any provider almost anywhere and it really allows for some good work-life balance as I'm getting to experience right now at my family farm so I'm very thankful for Portiva and I'm very happy to use their services"

victoria nutting do
Victoria Nutting D.O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant - I have all the support I need. There's somebody checking my email, any patient messages. Patients are still able to schedule and handle any scheduling issues and any kind of billing that needs to still go through. Portiva hands handles it all for me. I have support i have somebody that I can access 24/7 pretty much. It's all very seamless. If somebody has an emergency or needs a medication called in. I know that the va's at portiva will handle that for me.

mohammad ashori md
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction

Qualities Of Medical Billing Specialists

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It’s exciting to work in the field of medical billing and coding. It can be a great option if you want to work in healthcare but don’t want to deal with patients directly. Medical coding and billing can be rewarding and challenging at the same time. But to succeed as a medical coder or biller, you must possess certain personality traits.

A biller collects insurance information from a patient and follows up on medical claims during the medical billing payment process. The responsibility of a medical biller is to obtain payment from a health insurance provider or other responsible party. On the other hand, medical coding involves converting medical reports into codes that are then utilized by the medical practice for reimbursement.


Effective Communication Skills

Doctor Reading a Medical Chart

Medical billers communicate daily with patients, doctors, and insurance providers. Therefore, when carrying out medical billing practices, effective communication is essential. To communicate effectively with those in the industry, medical billers need to have excellent oral and written communication skills.

Successful medical billers who are self-motivated possess these traits. Healthcare facilities are constantly busy and working on tasks that call for a high level of discipline. It’s common for medical billers to work alone or in small groups. Therefore, medical billers must be passionate about carrying out their responsibilities independently. Without being told what to do, they should be able to set and work towards their goals. Employers are looking for self-driven medical billers who enjoy interacting with others.

Attention to Detail & Medical Records

How closely you pay attention to details determines your success as a medical biller or coder. Giving accurate bills and properly recording payments require close attention to detail. Medical billers must verify that the data provided by patients match the currently available records. The process of filing insurance claims is made simpler and denials are avoided by identifying and fixing coding errors in medical records. Even the smallest differences in payments can cause health insurance companies to deny a claim.

Listening To Understand As A Medical Billing Specialist

medical billing specialists

An active listener is essential for effective communication with patients, insurers, and other professionals in the field. A medical biller must be prepared to actively listen to patients to obtain accurate information. Access to crucial information about the patient’s insurance also depends on active listening. Medical billers should carefully consider the reasons insurance companies give when they reject medical claims.

Skills in Problem-Solving

There may occasionally be issues with payments between the patient, insurance companies, and the medical biller. Employers require billers who can approach each circumstance with the intention of resolving it. The medical biller should deal with insurance companies and patients in different ways. Patients might not have the cash on hand to make payments right away, in contrast to insurance companies. Your ability to resolve disputes will help you succeed.

Time Management Skills

All professions require the ability to manage their time. Specialists in medical billing work on their own in hospitals. In a healthcare facility, medical billers’ tasks are not scheduled on an hourly basis. Medical billers must therefore effectively plan and carry out their tasks. Medical billing specialists can deliver services in a timely manner by effectively managing their time.


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Multitasking is a necessary skill for those who work in the medical billing industry. Medical billers carry out a variety of tasks inside a hospital. The medical biller should perform several of these tasks at once to finish on time.

Learning Mindset 

Like the professionals who work behind the scenes, the medical industry is always changing. Successful medical billers take pleasure in learning new policies, procedures, coding guidelines and laws. The medical billing or coding sector may be ideal for you if you want to keep learning throughout your career.

Team Oriented Medical Billing Specialists

IToget paid, a medical biller frequently works with many different teams. An essential part of the job is teamwork and collaboration to settle a claim. The common goal of getting a claim paid correctly requires a biller to be able to collaborate with people from a variety of backgrounds.

Dependability and Dedication For Insurance Billing

Doctor Holding an X-ray

One of the most crucial roles in helping practices make money is that of the medical billers. As a result, employers seek out medical billing specialists they can rely on to assist them in achieving their objectives. Patients also want trustworthy medical billers who understand their medical insurance policies and can articulate the benefits of the policies in plain English. Medical billing specialists must be committed to their work to satisfy both the patient and their employer.


A positive outlook makes it easier for medical billers to communicate with coworkers, clients, insurance agents, and other professionals in the field. A medical billing specialist will be more successful if they are positive. Getting information from patients, insurance agents, or other businesspeople will be much simpler if you project a positive attitude.

Empathy and Compassion

It is necessary to have empathy and compassion when interacting with patients. Some patients are coping with both financial stress and health problems. Medical billers need to be receptive to patients’ needs and eager to help in the right way. Empathy and compassion benefit patients because they promote their well-being and help with recovery.


A proactive approach involves taking the necessary action before something goes wrong. Medical billers need to take the initiative to ensure that everything is in order. Monitoring payments, following up on overdue payments, and checking for errors in medical records are all examples of proactive strategies. When you adopt a proactive attitude, inefficiencies, and errors are decreased.

Evaluation Capabilities

Medical billing professionals need analytical abilities. Some of the denied medical insurance claims don’t come with justifications. Analytical skills help figure out the basis for a claim’s denial. Medical billers can identify discrepancies before submitting medical claims with the aid of analytical skills. An analytical thinker can use the at hand and prior experience to solve a problem.


A biller may work alone or with a team, depending on the environment in which they are employed. No matter how big a team is, a medical biller is crucial to practice because they ensure the doctor or other healthcare provider gets their services, which keeps money coming in.

Being Polite

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Medical Billers may encounter challenging interactions during their workday. For instance, a claim might only be partially or not at all processed, which could understandably lead to annoyance.

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Billing specialists in the medical billing industry need technical and soft skills, including knowledge of medical terminology, coding specialist, accounting principles, project management, and computer science. A specialist with a bachelor’s or associate degree in engineering technology or a certification program in medical billing can gain an advantage in the open jobs market compared to those without formal education or training. Additionally, relevant experience in health care, automotive technology, security, and other engineering technologies can make a billing specialist stand out as a strong candidate. Online programs and courses that offer college credit are available for those who want to apply or enhance their skills in medical billing services.

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The insurance industry has significantly impacted the demand for job opportunities in medical billing services. The need for trained and skilled medical billing specialists has increased dramatically with new policies and regulations. Not only do these specialists have to navigate complex insurance claims, but they also need to understand the latest coding specialist and accounting principles. As a result, employers are looking for candidates with formal education or training in medical billing, such as a technology certificate or associate or bachelor’s degree in related fields such as computer science, engineering technology, or project management. Online programs and courses are available for those who want to apply or enhance their skills in medical billing services, making it easier to stay up-to-date with industry changes and remain competitive in the open jobs market.

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A billing specialist in today’s healthcare industry is critical in ensuring that medical billing operations run smoothly. A billing specialist’s most important duties and responsibilities include verifying patient insurance coverage, submitting claims to insurance companies, monitoring accounts receivable, and communicating with patients and healthcare providers about billing-related inquiries. In addition to these core responsibilities, billing specialists have had to adapt to changing insurance policies and regulations, which have become more complex. For example, they must stay up-to-date with the latest coding specialist and compliance requirements and navigate the changes brought on by new technology and online services. Despite these challenges, technological and software advancements have also made it easier for billing specialists to manage their workload and complete their tasks accurately and efficiently.

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Aspiring individuals can break into the job market for medical billing services by first obtaining relevant education or training, such as earning a technology certificate or enrolling in an associate or bachelor’s degree program in fields like accounting, computer science, or healthcare. Additionally, obtaining certification from a respected organization, such as the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA), can provide a competitive edge when applying for jobs. Gaining experience through internships or entry-level positions, networking with professionals in the field, and staying up-to-date with the latest coding specialist and industry trends can also help aspiring individuals succeed in this highly competitive field. Finally, having strong communication, problem-solving, and organizational skills, as well as attention to detail and accuracy, are essential to excel as a medical billing specialist.

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