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Top Rated Medical Billing Companies in Florida

medical billing companies in floridaHiring medical billing companies in Florida is important for healthcare facilities to increase revenue and maintain excellent financial conditions. A business can expect to grow and expand with a team of experts in a few years.

Note that ineffective billing can lead to delays in payments and incorrect amounts of money being billed. This can cause uncollected debts and frustration for both parties. By choosing a trustworthy medical billing and coding company, you can be certain to make the right choices and make minimal mistakes. Read further to learn about outsourcing medical billing services to billing companies in Florida.

What is a Medical Billing Company?

A medical billing outsourcing service bills patients for treatments, checkups, procedures, and more when they come into a healthcare facility. These companies receive money from patients, send claims, and ensure follow-ups with insurance companies.

Hospitals, clinics, and other healthcare providers outsource billing tasks because it significantly improves the accuracy and speed of the billing processes. This approach also speeds up the revenue cycle that helps trusted companies maximize their income.

Billing service providers use robust technologies to offer accuracy and follow strict rules and processes in the field. Coders and professional medical billers need to submit unpaid claims with the right codes for the medical procedures and services the doctors perform. These codes contain claims for Medicare, health insurance, and Medicaid.

Billing businesses provide the following services:

  • Payer contract
  • Billing and collections
  • Provider enrollment
  • Revenue management
  • Coding
  • Compliance
  • Data Analytics

Portiva Voted as Top Medical Billing Companies in Florida

Medical billing tasks require great speed and accuracy. If not, it can lead to penalties and charges by the state. The billing service providers need to follow a strict process that maximizes efficiency and eliminates mistakes. The cutting-edge billing software and consistent workflow speed up reimbursements and insurance claims processing. Some of the important steps involved in operating a medical billing business are:

Patient Registration

The healthcare professionals in the organization ask a series of questions to clients and patients. This includes demographics, health insurance information, and background information. Medical billing businesses need to check and verify the collected patient data to prevent billing and treatment issues in the future.

Verify Patient Insurance

medicine, age, health care and people concept - senior woman, man and doctor with clipboard at hospital wardYour hired medical billing company will contact the patient’s insurance company to understand the policies. They typically double-check the benefits and coverage of the policy. At Portiva, we also verify copays and deductibles to identify how much patients need to pay.

The biller will check for a second insurance policy if your patient’s insurance provider doesn’t cover every treatment and medical procedure. Then, they check whether the second insurance provider offers coverage. 

Convert Data into Codes

The billing provider has qualified medical coders who convert medical services, treatment, procedures, drugs, injections, and others into CPT codes and ICD-10. The Florida medical billing specialists will generate a medical claim and send it to insurance organizations, which will use medical codes to check if the patient can get coverage.

These codes need to be correct and complete to ensure an appropriate billing process. Medical billing system optimizes this process, but professional billers and coders are qualified, skilled, and can deal with complexities and issues that might occur in the process.

Send Bills to Patients

The billing service provider sends bill statements to patients. These bills include an explanation and charge about the insurance coverage. With the bill statements, patients can understand how much money they need to pay for their treatment and payment obligations.

The bill will include the due date and payment instructions. It also tells patients that they can resubmit denied claims. Also, the medical billing team will work on these denied claims if patients submit an appeal.

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Why do Healthcare Practices Outsource Leading Medical Billing Companies?

Outsourcing medical billing work has a plethora of benefits for the healthcare industry. This includes:

  • Reduction in submission errors
  • Improved workflow of your medical practice
  • Reducing the risk of confusion in every payer’s payment policies
  • Speed claim process and gets revenue more quickly
  • Quality Revenue cycle management services
  • Improved profitability
  • Access to qualified, skilled, and trained industry specialist
  • Decreases per-patient costs
  • Improve patient satisfaction due to the fast claim process and patient care

The most important benefit of hiring medical billing companies is they help you reduce excessive stress and workload. You don’t have to deal with billing complications and focus on other important aspects of running a healthcare facility.

How Much Can You Expect To Pay To Medical Billing Companies?

Sarasota, Florida, USA downtown skyline on the bay at sunriseThe costs of the medical billing companies in Florida depend on the number of claims that need to be submitted, the collection percentage, the monthly service fee, and a setup fee. The charges can vary significantly based on your needs and preferences. You need to contact the medical billing company in Florida to get an individual pricing model and understand how much you may have to pay.

The right payment model depends on the needs and size of your medical facility. If you have a bigger practice with many claims, you have to pay more than a small practice. Also, many healthcare organizations prefer the collection percentage model to get paid first through processing claims before paying medical billing service providers.

Things to Look for in a Medical Billing Company For Medical Billing Services in florida

Specific Servies That Meet Your Needs

 A reliable and credible company needs to understand your practice’s specific requirements. This means they should provide specific services and tools to help you perform work seamlessly. Some billing service providers prefer a one-size-fits-all system that works best for most medical facilities. However, looking for a company that uses a system that can be customized according to your services is best. The best healthcare billing company will offer specialty-specific services and tools to ensure quality services.

Great Experience

Medical billing is a complex and challenging task requiring experience and training. The more experience a company has, the more understanding and quality services you can expect from them. Note that the medical billing landscape is always changing, and knowing how to stay on top of every change is critical to perform the task according to the laws and regulations. Therefore, you need to hire a billing company who have years of experience that they can use for your progress.

Expert Team of Billers

A reliable and credible medical billing service provider has a team of experts. This professional team is qualified, trained, and skilled and has knowledge of current market trends and billing laws. The medical billing team also keeps its staff updated with changes in billing laws to ensure appropriate medical coding and billing. This saves you from training billers but requires great time and money.

Cutting-Edge Technology

The updated technology is important for all medical departments, including coding and billing. Billing software and cloud-based practice management enable the team of medical billing companies to work fast and efficiently. Top-notch technology helps medical billers to identify mistakes and errors before they submit claims and improve the chances of reimbursing money for most claims.

HIPAA Compliance

hipaa. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability ActEvery patient’s billing account includes a number of private and personal information. HIPAA, commonly known as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, established in 1996, aims to protect sensitive patient information.

So, every institution that contains patients’ information should follow HIPAA compliance. Therefore, medical billing providers need to store and protect the information in an encrypted database. This prevents cyber attacks and hackers from getting into the system.

Understanding Insurance Claims

It is important to have accurate information and proper knowledge of insurance claims to avoid a denied claim. For that, the billers need to be trained and qualified according to Florida’s changing laws and regulations. A medical billing company can help you ensure accurate medical billing claims.

They use the right information to file claims and prevent any mistakes in the process. Since they stay updated with the current medical billing practices,  you don’t need to worry about experiencing any penalties and charges in the process. On top of that, they electronically submit rejected claims that provide accuracy and save time.

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical practices in Florida face various challenges when working with medical billing firms. These challenges range from inadequate training and cycle management to medical coding and billing services issues. One of the biggest challenges for medical practices in Florida is the complexity of the medical billing process. The state has many surgical procedures, and ensuring that all billing is accurate and timely can be a real headache for many providers.

Another challenge medical practices in the South frequently face when working with medical billing companies is a need for more focus on payment cycles. Many billing and coding firms must prioritize payment and cash flow management as a core business model. This can lead to severe issues regarding delayed payments and reimbursement for medical practices, leading to severe financial instability and even bankruptcy.

To address these challenges, medical practices should carefully vet any medical billing firm they plan to work with. This should include a close examination of their practice management and cycle management capabilities and their focus on payment and cash flow management. Additionally, medical practices should ensure that any medical billing firm they work with has extensive experience working with the specific types of techniques and medical procedures they offer. Finally, they should be willing to partner closely with their billing firm to address any ongoing issues and ensure that all billing and coding are correct and submitted promptly.

When selecting a medical billing firm in Florida, doctors must consider several key factors to make the right choice. These factors include:

  • Experience and expertise: Look for a firm with extensive experience in medical billing, coding, and practice management. A team with expertise in these areas will be better equipped to help your practice stay on top of the revenue cycle management and maximize your earnings.
  • Billing Services Offered: The medical billing firm should provide comprehensive billing services, from coding to claim submission to follow-up on payment. The billing services should be tailored to your specific medical speciality, such as surgery, and account for the nuances of Florida medical billing practices.
  • Focus on revenue cycle management: An excellent medical billing firm should focus on revenue cycle management, ensuring that your practice is paid accurately and on time. This should be done through consistent follow-up on outstanding claims, monitoring of payments, and tracking of any errors or discrepancies.
  • Location in South Florida: An ideal medical billing firm should be in South Florida, home to various medical practices. A company that understands the regional market and its specific billing practices can provide excellent value to Florida medical doctors.
  • Payment Structures: Payment structures should be flexible, transparent and clear. There should always be upfront discussions regarding payments, and they should not have hidden costs. Most importantly, a reputable medical billing firm stays within the agreed-upon rates.

A medical billing firm in Florida that meets all these factors is a valuable asset to any practice. Physicians should view medical billing firms as partners in their business and ensure that their expertise is used to provide maximum returns. By hiring a reliable medical billing firm, medical doctors can free up time to focus on patient care and grow their practices.

Medical billing companies in Florida have developed various strategies for handling complex billing issues like denials and appeals. They have a dedicated team of experienced billers who scrutinize every aspect of the claim to identify the root cause of the rejection. Once they have identified the issue, they prepare a strong appeal with all the necessary documentation and submit it to the insurance company for reconsideration. Their success rate in resolving these complex billing issues is relatively high, thanks to their expertise and experience in the industry.

Medical practices of all sizes and specialities can benefit from outsourcing their billing to a medical billing company in Florida. The potential benefits include improved revenue cycle management, increased revenue and cash flow, decreased billing errors and denials, and reduced administrative burden. However, choosing a reputable and experienced medical billing company is essential to avoid potential drawbacks such as communication challenges and compliance issues. Outsourcing medical billing can allow practices to focus on providing high-quality patient care while achieving financial stability and growth.

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Medical billing companies in Florida offer various services to healthcare facilities that help them to operate and reimburse money easily. If you are looking for a reliable medical billing service provider in Florida, you can contact Portiva. We are a team of experts in the industry who help medical practices with coding and provide medical billing services.

Our team uses high-tech methods and cutting-edge technology that ensures the growth of your business. Our experts are highly qualified, skilled, and trained and have the needed knowledge and experience to deal with most billing issues. So, if billing and coding are causing too much stress on you and your team, Potiva can help you.

We are one of the best medical billing companies! Contact our team today to let all the mundane tasks be taken care of by professionals while you can focus more on improving the services you offer at your healthcare facility to provide nothing but the best billing solutions to your patients.

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