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Our Remote Medical Assistants Offer

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Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants automate insurance verification processes and ensure that patients' insurance information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Dental Virtual Assistant

Dental assistants can work remotely from their own computers and manage the dental office's practice with ease by logging into its practice management software.

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Medical Transcriptionists

Improve communication between medical providers, conversion of audio recordings, documentation accuracy, and provide a comprehensive secure electronic medical record.

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Portiva's Virtual Medical Scribing solution is here to streamline medical documentation, cut admin costs and liberate your staff's precious time. A perfect solution for you!

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Medical Billing Virtual Assistant

Medical billing virtual assistants are becoming more popular among physicians' offices as they provide efficient support for managing operations and maximizing revenue.

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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization helps doctors avoid unexpected costs and patients avoid unnecessary expenses, ultimately resulting in cost savings for physicians and patients alike.

What Our Clients Say About Us!
Victoria Nutting D.O.

I'm very thankful for Portiva who I know is looking after my practice while I'm gone the virtual assistants can manage prescription refills, documents they can triage patients and just kind of answer administrative questions and they can handle a lot on their own. But also, they're very good about contacting me if there's any emergency or anything I need to attend to. So I'm very thankful for Portiva they can help almost any provider almost anywhere and it really allows for some good work-life balance as I'm getting to experience right now at my family farm so I'm very thankful for Portiva and I'm very happy to use their services"

victoria nutting do
Victoria Nutting D.O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant - I have all the support I need. There's somebody checking my email, any patient messages. Patients are still able to schedule and handle any scheduling issues and any kind of billing that needs to still go through. Portiva hands handles it all for me. I have support i have somebody that I can access 24/7 pretty much. It's all very seamless. If somebody has an emergency or needs a medication called in. I know that the va's at portiva will handle that for me.

mohammad ashori md
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction

Why Should You Hire A Medical Billing Company?

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Medical practices usually have a lot on their plate, so they usually struggle to manage their medical healthcare practices and technical aspects such as medical billing.

These healthcare providers may be experts in offering healthcare but are likely to have difficulty with tasks about handling patient statements or submitting claims. In this case, healthcare providers should consider hiring a billing company.

Several companies out there offer medical billing services. All you have to do is look for the best medical billing services and benefit from outsourced medical billing help so you can direct all your attention to helping your patients. Hiring a medical invoicing solution is a great option for small and large practices. You can pay extra and get the work you need without any hassle. Focus your attention on your key performance indicators and decide on outsourced billing.

If you are sitting on the fence about whether or not you should get the help you need, here are some reasons why you should consider looking into medical billing companies and hiring the best one to help you.

Increases Revenue Cycle Management

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You can raise your revenue by outsourcing medical billing services to a specialized medical billing and coding company. These coding services employ skilled billing specialists knowledgeable about the most recent billing rules and regulations.

They ensure that you submit electronic claims on time and without errors, lowering the likelihood that your claims will be denied or rejected. In turn, this generates more money and expedites reimbursement.

Cost Saving

You can save a sizable sum of money by outsourcing your medical billing services. Healthcare providers can avoid hiring and training internal billers, spending money on expensive billing medical software, and keeping up with infrastructure costs by outsourcing.

A healthcare provider can cut costs by only paying for the services they use by outsourcing, which spares them from the high overhead costs of internal billing. This can help you get more revenue without working too hard.

Improves Efficiency

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Outsourcing medical billing services can increase efficiency within a healthcare organization. Healthcare providers can concentrate on offering top-notch patient care while a specialized billing company handles the billing process. Increased patient satisfaction may follow, bringing about more recommendations and a better reputation.

Minimize Errors in Billing

A team of highly qualified medical billers knowledgeable about the most recent billing codes and regulations works for medical billing companies. This guarantees accurate medical claims submission and minimizes errors in insurance claims. Healthcare providers can increase revenue and decrease the likelihood of denied claims and rejections by contracting out their medical billing needs.

Complies With Regulation

Medical billing businesses know the most recent billing laws and compliance standards, such as HIPAA Compliance. Healthcare providers can ensure that their billing procedures adhere to the most recent regulations by outsourcing medical billing services, which can help them avoid penalties and fines.

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Proven Track Record

A healthcare organization may benefit from greater transparency by outsourcing its medical billing operations. Healthcare providers can monitor their billing performance and spot areas for improvement thanks to the regular reports and invoicing procedure updates that medical billing companies offer.

Use Of Advance Technology For Medical Billing Services

You can track your claim in real-time using billing company software. Medical billing companies use the most up-to-date billing technology to guarantee that electronic claims are submitted correctly and on time.

Healthcare providers can access cutting-edge technology without purchasing pricey billing or practice management software by outsourcing medical billing services.

Customized Reports

Medical billing businesses know the most recent billing laws and compliance standards. Healthcare providers can ensure that their billing procedures adhere to the most recent regulations by outsourcing medical invoicing solutions, which can help them avoid penalties and fines.

Allows Doctors To Work On Their Core Responsibilities

Healthcare providers can concentrate on their core duties, such as delivering high-quality patient care and enhancing patient outcomes, by outsourcing their medical billing needs. Patient satisfaction may rise, which may boost business and referrals.

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Things To Take Into Account Before Hiring A Medical Billing Service Provider

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Are you planning to work with a medical billing business? That’s great, but you must think about many things before deciding. You can remember the following as you search for the top billing firm.

Practical Experience

You can’t hire novices to handle your medical billing; you need medical coders who have worked there for a while. You must therefore work with a medical coder who has experience with medical invoicing solutions and has successfully assisted practices with their billing when you hire one.

Business Reputation

You cannot take a chance by choosing an inexperienced company, so it is crucial to take into account the reputation of the billing firm. You must only work with medical billing companies with a solid reputation because patient health is on the line.

Look for business reviews on its website and in various forums to get unbiased opinions. This will guide your decision-making and give you peace of mind that your medical billing tasks are in competent hands.


When deciding who to hire for medical billing, pricing is crucial. You should select a billing firm whose pricing policies are consistent with your own because different billing companies use different protocols when setting prices.

For instance, some businesses in the healthcare industry base their fees on a predetermined percentage of the total revenue stream generated by the medical facility. Or they could impose a monthly charge. BeforeBefore making a decision, having all the information you require is preferable.

Inquire with the business about their pricing strategies and any other extra fees they may have. Before you decide, you must be aware of all the extra costs.


Your relationship with the medical billing outsourcing company depends on communication in many ways. You two should be able to communicate frequently and share updates on various claims. Patients may have many questions, and the medical billing company should answer them all to ensure complete transparency and deep understanding. We deploy a support team and other support options so you can help your patients on time.

Find out the company’s communication guidelines and how frequently you can contact them. Create a schedule that you can easily adhere to prevent misunderstandings and delays in the invoicing procedure. With our help, you will deliver excellent customer service.

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

An efficient billing process is crucial for any medical practice or billing company to ensure maximum revenue and patient satisfaction. To achieve this, a company must invest in a robust medical billing service that handles the practice’s medical codes and insurance claims. Medical billing companies can provide managed billing services that include billing review, coding, and compare solutions that can help streamline the billing process. A top-tier billing service also offers exceptional customer support to ensure that all revenue is collected and that patients are satisfied with the billing experience.

To further optimize the billing process, companies can partner with a reputable EHR vendor to integrate their billing service into their practice management system. This can help automate essential billing tasks and improve billing accuracy. Additionally, outsourcing billing services to a professional provider can free up the practice’s team to focus on providing quality health care services.

An efficient billing process requires reliable billing services, effective management, and exceptional customer support. By partnering with a reputable billing service company and outsourcing billing needs, medical practices can optimize their revenue while ensuring patient satisfaction. Therefore, if you are looking to learn more about how to improve your billing process, it is recommended to consult with a home-based medical billing service company.

A top-tier billing service should provide exceptional customer support to ensure their clients’ practice runs smoothly and efficiently. The billing services vendor should have an entire staff of expert billers trained to manage all the practice’s billing needs.

One key feature of a reliable billing service is its ability to communicate effectively with partners, vendors, and insurance companies on behalf of the practice. They should be able to promptly show proof of claim submission and follow up on denied or unpaid claims to ensure continuous revenue.

In addition to claim management, a top-tier billing service should offer the practice a full range of financial management solutions. This includes end-to-end contract, and financial management features that help the course stay up-to-date on its billing cycles while managing patient accounts receivable.

Moreover, a reputable medical billing service will prioritize patient satisfaction by answering their inquiries and concerns about their billings and insurance coverage. The customer support team should be available to handle any issues regarding the billing process and be responsive to the practice’s requests and needs.

A top-tier billing service should provide excellent customer support and offer a comprehensive range of solutions to assist practices in managing their revenue cycle. By partnering with a reliable billing service provider, medical procedures can focus on delivering quality patient care while ensuring their billing needs are met with precision and care.

Choosing a reliable billing provider can be daunting for any medical practice. However, there are specific features that one should look for when selecting a billing service to ensure that their revenue cycle management needs are met.

First, a reliable billing company should have an entire staff of experienced and knowledgeable billers who understand the complexities of the medical billing process. They should have expertise in various medical specialities and coding, which helps reduce claim denials and costly errors.

Additionally, they should offer billing review solutions that identify coding or billing issues before submitting the claims. This ensures that the practice is paid accurately and on time. A top-tier billing service should also provide regular billing compare solutions that help identify trends in claim denials, rejected claims, and underpayments, allowing the biller to make necessary changes to improve the practice’s revenue cycle management.

The billing management system should integrate seamlessly with the practice management system and EHR, reducing administrative tasks and improving accuracy. This creates a more efficient billing process and ensures patient information is secure.

Moreover, a reliable billing service should prioritize patient satisfaction by providing exceptional customer support. The staff should be available to answer any questions or concerns the patient may have regarding their billings and insurance coverage. This will ensure that the practice maintains a good reputation and that patients feel valued and respected.

When selecting a billing provider, choosing a company that understands the complexities of medical billing and provides comprehensive services and solutions for your practice is crucial. By partnering with a reputable billing service provider, courses can focus on their core activities, provide better patient care, and enjoy a seamless home-based billing experience.

Outsourcing billing needs to a reliable third-party provider can significantly reduce business costs. By partnering with an expert billing service, businesses can avoid hiring additional staff, invest in expensive software, and allocate more time to core activities. This can result in significant cost savings without sacrificing the quality of billing services, resulting in improved efficiency and increased revenue.

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Code and Compliance for Medical Billing

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When it comes to medical billing, there are many rules you must abide by. The medical billing company must stay current with these regulations’ frequent changes. HITECH, HIPAA, and the Affordable Care Act may govern the laws.

You must pick a medical billing business that is knowledgeable about these rules and capable of adhering to them. You must ascertain whether the business complies with them or not. Inquire with the establishment regarding its compliance policies and whether it has any accreditation to support its compliance.

You can choose wisely by knowing all of these considerations. Portiva is the company to choose if you’re looking for one that can handle everything!

To take over your billing processes, we recruit the best medical billing professionals and an account manager to take over your medical billing. Get in touch with our experts to receive the best assistance possible. We are the medical billing solution you seek!

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