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Our Remote Medical Assistants Offer

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Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants automate insurance verification processes and ensure that patients' insurance information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Dental Virtual Assistant

Dental assistants can work remotely from their own computers and manage the dental office's practice with ease by logging into its practice management software.

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Medical Transcriptionists

Improve communication between medical practitioners, conversion of audio recordings, documentation accuracy, and provide a comprehensive secure electronic medical record.

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Portiva's Virtual Medical Scribing solution is here to streamline medical documentation, cut admin costs and liberate your staff's precious time. A perfect solution for you!

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Medical Billing Virtual Assistant

Medical billing virtual assistants are becoming more popular among physicians' offices as they provide efficient support for managing operations and maximizing revenue.

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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization helps doctors avoid unexpected costs and patients avoid unnecessary expenses, ultimately resulting in cost savings for physicians and patients alike.

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Victoria Nutting D.O.

I'm very thankful for Portiva who I know is looking after my practice while I'm gone the virtual assistants can manage prescription refills, documents they can triage patients and just kind of answer administrative questions and they can handle a lot on their own. But also, they're very good about contacting me if there's any emergency or anything I need to attend to. So I'm very thankful for Portiva they can help almost any provider almost anywhere and it really allows for some good work-life balance as I'm getting to experience right now at my family farm so I'm very thankful for Portiva and I'm very happy to use their services"

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Victoria Nutting D.O.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction
Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant - I have all the support I need. There's somebody checking my email, any patient messages. Patients are still able to schedule and handle any scheduling issues and any kind of billing that needs to still go through. Portiva hands handles it all for me. I have support i have somebody that I can access 24/7 pretty much. It's all very seamless. If somebody has an emergency or needs a medication called in. I know that the va's at portiva will handle that for me.

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Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction

Medical Billing and Coding – Unleashing the Power of Coder Professionals in Healthcare

Direct patient care is not essential for several medical services. Several healthcare positions enable you to impact the industry while operating behind the scenes.

One of these occupations is medical billing and medical coding. It entails examining medical data and converting it into a standard code for billing insurance companies and clients. Are medical billing and medical coding complex even though it is a technical and detail-oriented profession?

Although complicated, medical billing and medical coding are not impossible to learn. Here, we will discuss medical billing, coding, and things to consider when hiring a reputable medical billing and coding company.

medical billing and coding

Medical Billing vs. Medical Coding

While there are some similarities between medical billing and medical coding tasks, they are not the same. Medical coding occurs behind the scenes, while most medical billing is patient-facing.

Medical Billing: What Is It?

Making bills, sometimes called claims, entails sending them to patients or health insurance providers. A medical biller submits claims to the insurance provider for patients with health insurance. In this situation, the insurance claims specialist will pay for the medical services. Medical billers deliver bills directly to patients for payment if they do not have health insurance.

What Is Medical Coding?

Medical personnel notes the treatments, drugs, or procedures and the reasons for each service when a patient enters a medical center or hospital. These specifics make up clinical paperwork.

Medical coding examines clinical documents and assigns a code to each treatment, prescription, and procedure. Medical coding, accepted within a regulated coding framework, summarizes the actions taken by healthcare professionals during a patient visit.

What Duties Do Medical Billers and Coders Perform?

Most of the time, one individual can handle medical billing and medical coding. However, the work is occasionally divided between two specialists.

Certified professional coders examine doctor’s notes, patient records, test findings, and other clinical documents as part of the coding process. A certified professional coder gives each treatment or diagnosis a set of standard medical codes. Then, a medical biller receives the codes from these experts and uses them to produce claims.

Many medical billing and coding experts work for hospitals, healthcare providers’ offices, legal firms, health insurance providers, and public or government agencies. On the other hand, medical biller works from home, either on their own or for an organization. Most medical coders have full-time jobs.

Between 2021 and 2031, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) forecasts a 7% growth in employment for medical billing and medical coding positions. This growth pace is comparable to the national average. Over the next ten years, the labor statistics anticipates an average of 14,900 job vacancies yearly for medical biller and coder.

Medical billers earn an average yearly pay of $46,660 in medical billing and coding. That works out to about $22.43 an hour.

What Skills Should Companies Offering Medical Billing and Coding Services Possess?

The following soft skills are essential for a good medical biller and coder, in addition to a deep understanding of medical coding terminology.

Effective Communication Skills

Medical coders and billers frequently communicate with other professionals. Hence, medical billing and medical coding experts need to be at ease with written and verbal contact and grasp efficient communication techniques. Moreover, with the right medical terminology, it becomes easier for medical billers and coders to communicate with professionals.

Of course, communication lapses happen. Resolving disputes and solving problems is equally as crucial for certified professional coders and billers.

Attention to Detail

Due to the extreme specificity of medical codes, accuracy is crucial. An incorrect code entry in the medical coding or billing program could complicate your task. Additionally, medical billers need a good eye for detail to carefully review online medical billing processes for errors.

Knowledge of New Software

Medical coder appears for coding certification. Therefore, medical billing and coding specialists create medical codes from medical files by using specialist software. They automate billing duties such as confirming patients’ insurance plans, processing reimbursements, and submitting payments using software applications. Moreover, medical billers have knowledge of the medical terminology used to code the systems.

You don’t need to be an expert in every software, but you must learn the new software as it releases.

Customer Service

Certified professional coder and biller respond to patient online medical billing questions and requests. Excellent customer service abilities come in handy in this situation. Medical billing and coding specialists should always react to inquiries with consideration, patience, and professionalism.

What Services Can Benefit from Medical Billing and Coding?

Medical billing and coding experts could work in clinics or other healthcare industries. These coding professionals might do remote jobs or in offices. Here is a complete list:

Clinics and Hospitals

A medical coder’s place of employment is typically a hospital or clinic. They frequently have numerous billing divisions, which demand multiple medical billing and coding specialists. Since coding professionals know the medical terminology, it becomes easier for them to work in the healthcare industry.

Consulting Services

Medical coding consultants may work in a range of medical settings and may travel or conduct their job from a distance. They must ensure that medical records are accurate. These coding professionals could instruct other medical coders as well.

Government Institutions

A medical coder’s job is primarily for the federal government. These coding professionals might work as medical billing and coding specialists for federal organizations, including the Department of Veterans Affairs, the U.S. Air Force, and the Army National Guard.

Insurance Companies

Insurance claims specialists could work with medical billing and coding experts to examine and verify the validity of medical claims from healthcare providers. Medical coders must possess exceptional skills to work in this field. Furthermore, with the correct medical terminology, working in this field becomes easier.

Nursing Homes

Nursing home medical billing and coding experts job at residential nursing homes, hospice care facilities, assisted living facilities, and other facilities that cater to senior adults. Medical coders might use various medical codes designed specifically for senior services.

Things to Consider When Hiring A Medical Billing and Coding Service Provider

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Medical billing businesses provide services to hospitals and clinics that facilitate their operation and quick reimbursement of costs.

Excellent Experience

Medical billing and coding is a difficult task that requires knowledge and experience. Make sure the medical billing and coding specialists you hire have appeared for Certified Professional Coder (CPC) exam. You can count on a corporation to provide you with higher-quality services and more excellent knowledge the more experience they have.

Keep in mind that the environment for medical billing and coding is constantly evolving, so staying up to date with any changes is essential if you want to complete the assignment following the rules and laws. As a result, you should select a medical billing and coding business with extensive knowledge so that it can advance your cause.

Compliance with HIPAA

Each patient’s billing account contains various personal and private data. The HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) intends to safeguard private patient data.

Every organization that has patient data must therefore adhere to HIPAA compliance. Medical billing companies must preserve and safeguard the data in an encrypted database. This stops hackers and cyberattacks from infiltrating the system.

Expert Billers’ Team

A trustworthy and genuine medical billing service company employs a staff of specialists. This certified, talented, and knowledgeable workforce is also up to date on industry trends and billing regulations.

To ensure accurate medical billing and coding, the medical billing team keeps its workers informed of changes in billing rules. You avoid teaching billers by doing this, but it requires time and money.

Cutting-Edge Technology

Coding and billing are two medical sectors that benefit significantly from the latest innovation, The team of medical billing firms can do this quickly and effectively thanks to cloud-based practice management software. Modern innovation makes it easier for medical billers to spot errors before they submit claims, increasing the likelihood that most claims will be paid out.

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Medical billing and coding professionals are critical to accurate billing for healthcare services. They use their expertise in coding to translate medical procedures and diagnoses into specific codes used in the billing process. These codes help ensure that healthcare medical practitioners are reimbursed correctly by payers such as insurance companies, credit cards, and other billing systems.

To become a medical billing and coding professional, individuals can enrol in healthcare billing and coding programs available online or on-campus at colleges and universities nationwide. These programs range from certificate courses to bachelor’s and even master’s degrees, providing students with various academic options to pursue this career. Additionally, obtaining certification from professional organizations such as the Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists (PAHCS) can provide further credibility and job opportunities for those seeking to specialize in coding.

Medical billing and coding professionals must stay up-to-date with the ever-changing healthcare industry and the latest coding system updates. They must also be proficient in navigating different payer systems and claim cycles to ensure that all billing information is accurate and timely. With the high demand for trained professionals in this field, pursuing a medical billing and coding career can lead to lucrative business loans and professional development opportunities.

The medical billing and coding profession offers a rewarding career path for individuals interested in healthcare, coding, and business. Graduates of coding programs and degrees can pursue diverse job opportunities as coding specialists, billing and coding professionals, or claims processors in various healthcare settings such as clinics, hospitals, and insurance companies.

The field of medical coding requires a unique set of skills that are essential for success in the fast-paced healthcare industry. First and foremost, a strong foundation in anatomy and medical terminology is crucial, as coders need to accurately translate medical procedures and diagnose into specific codes for billing purposes.

In addition to coding knowledge, successful medical coders possess excellent attention to detail, analytical thinking, and problem-solving skills. They must be able to interpret complex medical records and coding guidelines to ensure that claims are processed accurately and timely. Working efficiently under pressure and meeting deadlines is also essential in this field.

To become a successful medical coder, individuals can enrol in a coding program or degree, ranging from certificate courses to bachelor’s and master’s degrees. These programs are available online or on-campus at colleges and universities nationwide, providing students with flexible academic options. Certification from professional organizations such as the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists (PAHCS) can significantly enhance one’s career prospects and credibility.

Medical coders must also stay up-to-date with the latest coding system updates, payer requirements, and claim cycles. Therefore, continuous learning and professional development are critical for career advancement.

Overall, a career in medical coding can be an exciting and rewarding path for individuals with a strong foundation in coding concepts, attention to detail, and analytical thinking skills. Graduates of coding programs and degrees can pursue diverse job opportunities as coding specialists, billing and coding professionals or claims processors in various healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and other health-related services.

Enrolling in a comprehensive coding program can be an excellent way to prepare for a rewarding medical billing and coding career. These programs provide students with the knowledge and skills to accurately translate medical procedures and diagnoses into specific billing codes.

Comprehensive coding programs are available in various formats, including on-campus and online options, catering to the needs of different students. Individuals can enrol in certificate courses or pursue bachelor’s and master’s degrees in medical coding, depending on their educational background and career goals. Many programs also offer specialized courses in coding systems, claim cycles, and payer requirements, providing students with a well-rounded understanding of the field.

Moreover, enrolling in a coding program can help individuals obtain certification from professional organizations such as the American Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) or the Professional Association of Healthcare Coding Specialists (PAHCS), which can significantly increase job prospects and credibility.

In addition to coding knowledge, comprehensive coding programs often include courses focusing on professional development and other essential skills, such as communication and problem-solving. These skills can be invaluable in a medical billing and coding career, where attention to detail, accuracy, and efficiency is critical.

Overall, enrolling in a comprehensive coding program can be a wise investment for those seeking a rewarding and fulfilling medical billing and coding career. Graduates of these programs can pursue diverse job opportunities as coding specialists, billing and coding professionals, or claims processors in various healthcare settings, including clinics, hospitals, insurance companies, and other health-related services.

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Medical billers and coders often face challenges when dealing with different payers and credit systems, including variations in coding requirements and reimbursement levels, delays in claim processing and payment, and the need to stay up-to-date with multiple payer policies and regulations. Additionally, medical billers and coders must be able to navigate complex billing systems and ensure accuracy and compliance with relevant laws and regulations. These challenges can make it difficult for medical billers and coders to process claims efficiently and effectively, impacting revenue and patient care.

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The Bottom Line

The healthcare industry may run more efficiently and get paid back more quickly with medical billing companies. Contact Portiva if you’re searching for a reputable medical billing service. We are a group of business professionals who offer coding and billing support to healthcare industry.

Our staff combines complex processes and modern technology to ensure the expansion of your company. Since medical coder has the necessary education, training, and expertise, our professionals can handle most billing-related problems. Therefore, Portiva can assist you if medical billing and coding are overly stressful for you and your team.

Contact our team immediately to allow us to handle all the tedious work so you can concentrate on giving your patients the finest treatment possible.,data%20about%20the%20treatments%2C%20procedures%20and%20patient%20experience.

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