Speech Transcription And Its Advantages

speech transcription

Law agencies and medical practitioners are not the only sectors that require speech-to-text transcription services. In fact, both small and large corporate businesses have the need to record and preserve communications in written formats.

To assist such companies, we offer affordable online transcription services to businesses nationwide. As a national transcription company, we offer a variety of speech-to-text services for businesses, including, but not limited to:

Business Meeting Transcriptions

Internal or client meetings can potentially have a lot of small. Minute details that could make all the difference to your business plans. You can easily ensure nothing gets lost in translation when you utilize our transcription services.

Group Discussion Transcriptions

Whether it’s an internal or external group discussion of any kind, there’s potential for information to be shared that can profoundly affect the various functions of your business. Don’t miss out on the thoughts and opinions of employees during open group sessions. And when you have the help of our audio transcription services in Philadelphia.

Conference Call Transcriptions

conference call with speech transcription virtual assistantsA lot of crucial information can be shared during conference calls. These conference calls are also subject to the woes of technology. Therefore at risk for quality disruptions and the possibility of information being lost across channels. Ensure everyone is on the same page with a readable text version. Prepared by Portiva, of your company’s verbal exchanges during conference calls.

Job Interview Transcriptions

Job interviews are another great reason to seek Portiva’s affordable transcription services. Never miss out on an excellent answer or conversation with a top-tier candidate. With our speech-to-text services. You can feel confident you’re making the right hiring decision by reviewing the recordings and analyzing the candidate’s answers.

No matter the application, Portiva’s affordable transcription services in Philadelphia offer key insight into various business functions by providing a written and readable version of verbal exchanges. Many of our clients are surprised by the amount of detail they’ve overlooked once they see the comprehensiveness and precision of our transcription services. We also provide these services with Portiva:

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