Medical Transcription Outsourcing & Its Benefits

medical transcription outsourcing

The healthcare field is one of documentation, data, and conversation. Almost every part of what happens in a doctor’s office, clinic, or hospital must be recorded to be referenced in the future to help with diagnoses, prescriptions of medication, and more. The way that this information is documented is through transcription or the writing of happenings.

In the past, many doctors or nurses would need to produce transcriptions themselves, but thanks to technology and Portiva, one of the best medical transcription outsourcing companies in the country, they have, in recent years, been able to outsource their transcriptions.

While medical transcription outsourcing seems like a relatively minor part of a medical professional’s day-to-day, the benefits of medical transcription outsourcing can be massive for many different healthcare applications, whether healthcare professionals find themselves in a small practice or a large hospital.

3 Reasons Medical Transcription Outsourcing Helps Practices

1. Decrease in Labor and Management Costs

One of the most significant advantages of partnering with a company to transcribe medical records in Philadelphia is the monetary gain afforded to your practice after implementing the transcriptions into your workflow.

When medical transcription is performed in-house, it can cause health practices to allocate significant portions of their budgets to transcription costs, as they either need to pay doctors and nurses to complete the transcriptions themselves or hire a whole in-house team (often at high salaries) to complete these duties.

2. Easier Access to Information

When working with an adequate medical transcription company, your clinic will have easier access to information. At Portiva, we offer multiple document delivery solutions, including:

  • Remote Print and Fax Solutions
  • Intuitive EMR Integration Software
  • More

With flexible dictation modes, healthcare professionals can speak comfortably and confidently, knowing that transcriptions will be accurate.

3. Impressive Accuracy

Speaking of accuracy, Portiva boasts the industry’s best transcription precision. With quality checks that guarantee 99.5% accuracy or higher, our clients can rest assured knowing that, even with fast turnarounds and HIPAA-compliant processes, they are getting the most accurate transcriptions possible.

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