Your Business Will Grow With Answering Services Protocol

answering services protocol

Here is a step-by-step guide on how Answering Service Protocol will help to grow your business. How much time do you spend answering calls? Nobody likes to take calls and when you have to handle a lot of calls, you need professional help. With the advances in technology, you can get a call answering service done remotely.

Making people stay is one of the biggest challenges in the medical and business field. To achieve the same, businesses give discounts and sometimes even serve at odd hours. Still, when it comes to calling answering services, medical practitioners and business owners hesitate. Choosing answering services can actually help your business grow and save money. Below given points prove the same;

Acquire new customers

People like to enquire with new service providers before dropping in. This initial communication usually happens through the telephone. Potential clients call at odd hours and will be lost if you are not having call answering services at the place. Considering the same, medical answering services protocol are critical for doctors and practitioners.

Schedule appointments

Portiva’s virtual assistants can manage scheduling appointments for old and new patients. Virtual assistants (VAs) can also do appointment reminders, so clients don’t have to worry about forgetting an appointment. This will reduce cancellations and efficient rescheduling resulting from prompting patient visits and treatment.

VAs can also confirm appointments to reduce waiting time, leading to more clients seen by the doctor. VAs can also schedule procedures that increase patient adherence to treatment. VAs can also schedule rehab therapies that provide better care.

Worry-free insurance paperwork

Dealing with insurance paperwork can be time-consuming and frustrating. Insurance verification, prior authorization, and claims submission can be cumbersome. With Portiva’s virtual assistants, you can be assured that insurance is verified before a patient comes in for a visit. This saves people time waiting to be seen by a doctor and a timelier administration of treatment.

Our VAs can handle prior authorization ensuring your patients do not have unforeseen expenses after a visit or procedure. VAs also saves patient time waiting for the pharmacy to call about a failed prescription refill. VAs lets clients take their first dose as soon as possible by handling prior authorizations promptly.

VAs can also ensure that documents are accurately filled up to reduce denied claims. VAs can handle claim submissions, so your practice does not have to worry about deadlines. VAs can also track claims and submit appeals in a timely manner if necessary. 

Portiva’s VA ensures that your patients get prompt treatment and payment is given for services rendered. Let our healthcare VAs take care of it for you. We can verify coverage, file and track claims, process prior authorization, and more.

Serve better

While having dedicated staff to answer customer phone calls will cost more, not having them will spoil the service for visitors as your present staff would have to manage both. Choosing a phone answering service is a cost-effective solution that helps you give better service to both clinic visitors and callers.

Money savings

Hiring an additional assistant to answer phones will lead to another clinic or store expenditure. Trusting a reputed answering service provider will help you save money. Those funds can be used for advertising or counted as profits.

Research projects

Our VAs can assist with various research projects by conducting literature searches, gathering pertinent data, and data entry. VAs assisting with research projects enables you to discover new treatments and procedures. With virtual assistants, you can earn more without worrying about setup fees or additional costs.

Ensuring data security

One of the most critical aspects of remotely accessing medical documents is ensuring the security and privacy of patient information. This is where answering service companies like Portiva come into play. Portiva is a leading provider of healthcare answering services. Our team of virtual medical assistants is highly skilled and trained in medical procedures and protocols. 

Never miss a call

Like any office, yours too remains open for normal working hours. While your important clients or patients might carry your personal number, others will call the office number only. With answering services in place, you never miss a call and gather new clients. If your office is closed for some days, callers will be updated regarding the same.

The above-mentioned benefits arrive only if one partner with a professional agency for call answering services. Want to know how much establishment firms charge for answering and answering transcription services? Get in touch to enquire about the call answering rate.