Medical Transcription Dictation Services

Medical physicians need to take pages upon pages of notes throughout the day, leaving them with lots of information to go over and analyze and very little time to get this work done. When the data builds up and overwhelms them to a certain extent, an issue known as physician burnout can occur. Preventing this type of exhaustion is where Portiva comes into play. Our medical transcription dictation services for physicians across NY allow medical professionals to avoid physician burnout and keep doing their job at maximum capacity.


What is physician burnout?

Physician burnout often results in physical, mental, and emotional exhaustion and withdrawal that can eventually lead to total disengagement. When physicians have to spend so much time doing administrative tasks such as taking notes and documenting patient information, it takes time away from focusing on giving the proper care to their patients. In turn, it drains them to the point where they are, in effect, a barely-functioning zombie.

Burnout is common across any job, especially when you fall into tedious clerical routines that consume more time than they should. With physicians, however, it is especially dangerous, as an improper diagnosis or prescription will lead to all sorts of problems, both physical and potentially legal.

Portiva saves medical professionals from burnout symptoms.

When physicians are spending their time digging through all of their notes trying to put together everything they need for their reports, it bogs them down. Having their notes transcribed by a professional at Portiva makes all of their information easier to find and quicker to access. Thanks to these services, they can get back to what is essential in their job and steer clear of the physician burnout symptoms that can reduce productivity.

medical transcription dictation services

Electronic medical transcription services from Portiva cover everything from surgery notes to consultation recordings to discharge summaries. We also provide medical transcription dictation services across New York City and other parts of the US, so that physicians can have an audio copy of their notes as well as a visual one. To drastically improve the functionality of your practice and avoid physician burnout, contact us today to learn more about our transcription services.

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