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Our Medical Virtual Assistants Offer

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Insurance Verification Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistants automate insurance verification processes and ensure that patients' insurance information is accurate and up-to-date.

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Dental Virtual Assistant

Dental assistants can work remotely from their own computers and manage the dental office's practice with ease by logging into its practice management software.

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Medical Transcriptionists

Improve communication between medical providers, conversion of audio recordings, documentation accuracy, and provide a comprehensive secure electronic medical record.

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Virtual Medical Scribe

Portiva's Virtual Medical Scribing solution is here to streamline medical documentation, cut admin costs and liberate your staff's precious time. A perfect solution for you!

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Medical Billing Virtual Assistant

Medical billing virtual assistants are becoming more popular among physicians' offices as they provide efficient support for managing operations and maximizing revenue.

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Prior Authorization

Prior authorization helps doctors avoid unexpected costs and patients avoid unnecessary expenses, ultimately resulting in cost savings for physicians and patients alike.

What is a Virtual Medical Assistant?

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As a medical professional, you know that time is a precious commodity. It would be advantageous if you focused on providing your patients with top-notch care. But what if there were ways to free up some of that time? That’s where medical virtual assistants can help. Medical virtual assistants can provide many different services for a medical practice, including handling phone calls, scheduling office visits, and handling billing and insurance paperwork. By outsourcing these tasks, physicians can free up time and energy to provide excellent care to their clients. Whether you are looking for a full-time medical virtual assistant or need help with one specific task, many options are available to help meet your needs.

The concept of a virtual medical assistant as personal assistant

Most medical professionals are already familiar with the concept of a virtual medical assistant. A virtual medical assistant is an employee who works remotely, often from their home office. Medical virtual assistants can provide support through a wide range of services for a business, including customer service, data entry, and marketing. Medical virtual assistants can also be a valuable asset to nurses who longer have to stay behind the desk to cover the telephone.

There are many tasks that a virtual medical assistant can do to help free up time and energy for the practice’s staff. They can gather patient information, manage appointment follow-ups, answer questions on behalf of the team, and do insurance verifications. They can also do more specialized work, such as managing social media accounts or creating marketing materials to attract new patients. Their expertise in ensuring data security and their skills to manage the EMR software while saving valuable time for healthcare practitioners make them an asset in any industry.

Virtual assistants are a cost-effective way to get help with your administrative tasks. Your only expense is for the hours they work, and there is no need to provide them with benefits or a workspace. And since they work remotely, the practitioner does not need to provide them with equipment or software.

The benefits to healthcare professionals

There are many benefits to using virtual assistants. They can help you save time and energy, which you can use to provide quality care. They can also help you save costs since they work remotely. You do not need to provide them with transportation allowance and other employee benefits.

Virtual medical assistants can be a valuable asset to healthcare professionals. They can help with handling phone calls, managing office schedules, updating electronic medical records, billing, and other paperwork. They can also do more specialized work, such as managing social media accounts or creating marketing materials. By outsourcing these tasks, healthcare professionals can focus on providing exemplary care.

The different ways of using a virtual medical assistant

1) Handling phone calls

A virtual medical assistant can lessen patient waiting time by handling phone calls. When they manage phone calls, long holds are significantly reduced, and that can lead to an increase in patient satisfaction. People appreciate not having to wait on the phone for a long time to speak to someone, and they appreciate being able to quickly get through to a natural person. This can lead to less frustration on the part of clients and can make them more likely to return in the future. In addition, it allows the staff members to maximize patient care and can help reduce stress levels.

2) Scheduling appointments

A Virtual medical Assistant can significantly increase the efficiency of your clinic by handling appointments. They can schedule them according to the urgency of their need to see the physician and reschedule them to an earlier time in case someone calls in to cancel an appointment. They can also call in to confirm or remind clients about upcoming appointments and reschedule them if they can’t. This enables you and your staff to see more people bringing more business to your clinic while increasing your efficiency to deliver the best patient care.

3) Handling billing and insurance paperwork

Virtual assistants can help increase the chances of a medical claim being approved by handling all the paperwork. These can relieve some of the stress of completing these and ensure everything is done correctly. This can free up staff members to do other things and can help to reduce the chances of a claim being denied. In addition, they can keep track of payments and ensure that all bills are paid on time. This can help improve the clinic’s cash flow and prevent any late fees from being incurred.

4) Research new treatments and medications

A Virtual medical assistant can help with things such as compiling research, creating databases, and formatting information in a way that is medically sound to read. By outsourcing this work to a Virtual Medical Assistant, the healthcare practitioner can find new ways and treatments while still providing exceptional patient care. They can also input the data collected into a system where your other colleagues can access them so you can collaborate and compare notes anytime, anywhere, worldwide.

5) Keeping track of patient records

It can be challenging for physicians to keep track of all of the patient information that they need. This is especially true if they are seeing a lot of patients. Having a Medical Virtual Assistant keep track of records allows the doctor to spend more time with the client and less time trying to track down information. In addition, they can help to keep track of updated information on the client, such as their insurance policy or contact information. This can lessen the possibility of mistakes and guarantee that the doctor has all the knowledge to give their patients first-rate care.

6) Preparing reports for doctors or other medical professionals

Healthcare professionals are some of the most highly sought-after and highly-stressed workers worldwide. Frequently, they can feel overwhelmed by the work they have to do. This is where virtual assistants can come in and help take some of the burdens off their shoulders. By preparing reports for doctors or other medical professionals, a medical virtual assistant can help prevent burnout while also freeing up the doctor or medical professional to spend more time with family and friends. A healthy work-life balance enables physicians to constantly have the drive to elevate their skills to greater heights.

7) Helping with marketing and social media outreach

Medical practices can benefit greatly from medical virtual assistant services in terms of the work they can take off the clinic team’s plate and in marketing and social media outreach. Virtual medical assistant can help to create a dynamic online presence for the healthcare industry by developing a social media strategy, designing and uploading engaging content, and monitoring and responding to comments and reviews. In addition, virtual medical assistants can help to track website traffic and measure the results of marketing campaigns so that the clinic team can see what is working and what isn’t. This information can help to guide future marketing decisions and help to improve the overall ROI of marketing efforts.

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In this digital age and competitive healthcare industry, it is essential to maximize the capabilities that technology can offer healthcare providers. Whether through medical virtual assistant, virtual healthcare services, or other forms of technology, medical practices can benefit from outsourcing specific tasks to allow doctors and other medical professionals to do what truly matters – providing patients with quality care.

8) Medical scribing and transcribing

There is a big difference between medical scribing and medical transcribing. Medical scribing is the act of writing down everything that a doctor says during a client visit. This includes the doctor’s notes and any instructions they may give the client. Medical scribes also often update patient records and file insurance claims.

On the other hand, medical transcribing is the process of taking all information from a doctor’s notes and creating a transcript; this includes everything from the doctor’s notes to their signature at the bottom of the page. Medical transcribers often work with audio recordings of patient visits and must be able to listen to them carefully to get all of the relevant information. They then have to convert that information into a written transcript that is easy to read and understand.

Medical virtual  assistant services for private practice like Portiva offers both scribing and transcribing for medical, dental, and veterinary practitioners. With our highly-trained medical scribes and transcribers, you can focus on providing exceptional care to your patients without worrying about taking notes or keeping up with the latest industry trends.

9) Any other task that can be done remotely!

Virtual assistants can do anything that your private practice needs as long as it can be done remotely. The bulk of your time spent on administrative tasks can be handled by a virtual staff, so healthcare professionals such as yourself can dedicate your efforts to providing the best environment and treatment for your clients. They provide your clinic with additional staff for a fraction of the cost of adding in-house assistants without worrying about overtime pay or employee benefits. This cost-saving advantage enables you to hire one or two physician assistants who will manage any clinical work that needs to be physically done in your office.

How to find and hire a virtual healthcare assistant?

Finding a virtual staff can be a daunting task, but there are a few things that can be done by your and your staff to make the process easier. First, you can ask your friends, family, and colleagues if they know of any good virtual assistants. In addition, you can search online for virtual medical assistants or job boards that offer virtual staff positions.

Once you have found a few potential virtual assistants, it is important to interview them to see if they are a good fit for your office. The best way to go about the interview is to send them an outline of the questions ahead of time. This will give them time to prepare their answers. Some questions that you may want to ask to include the following:

– What experience do you have in the medical field?

– What type of software do you know how to use?

– What are your availability and rates?

– How do you handle deadlines?

– What is your policy on confidentiality?

After interviewing several virtual assistants, you should be able to find one who is a good fit for your office. Be sure to discuss the duties that you would like them to perform and create a contract or agreement outlining the expectations and responsibilities of both parties. With the right virtual staff, you can do things that retter your healthcare business – provide quality patient care by setting up virtual medical assistants.

Setting up virtual medical assistants for your appropriate department can be quick and easy. First, you will need qualified virtual staff to meet your specific needs. There are many different virtual staff services available, so be sure to research and find one that could work best for your office and is a good fit for your staff.

Once you have chosen a virtual assistant service, you will need to provide them with some basic information about your clinic operations. This includes your contact information, your services, and your EMR system. Any specific instructions or guidelines you would like followed when dealing with prescription refills, insurance verification, and new patient follow-ups should also be relayed at this point. Your team can help with the basic training and orientation since your virtual staff works remotely.

The virtual staff service will then set up a profile for your office and begin handling all your phone calls, managing schedules, billing, and any other services you may need assistance with.

If you are only looking for help with a specific task, such as confirming procedures, you can also hire a freelance virtual staff to work temporarily. This can be a great option if you only need occasional assistance or are unsure if virtual staff services suit you and your team.

Tips for working with a virtual staff

Working with a virtual staff can be a great way to improve the efficiency and productivity of the healthcare sector. Outsourcing paperwork to a virtual staff can free up time and energy to focus on providing quality patient care. Here are a few tips for working with a virtual medical office assistant:

1) Establish clear expectations and guidelines for the tasks that you would like them to perform. This will make it easier to make sure that you and your VA are on the same page and that they are aware of your expectations for them.

2) Communicate regularly with your virtual medical office assistant. This will help keep a VA informed of any changes or updates in your operations and allow them to ask any questions.

3) Be patient while training the virtual medical administrative assistant. Depending on the person, it may take time r the new VA to learn all the tasks that you would like them to perform, but with patience and communication, they will be able to do them efficiently and effectively.

4) Provide constructive criticism or feedback. If your virtual medical administrative assistant is not meeting your expectations, be sure to let them know positively and constructively. This will help them improve their performance and help make your relationship with the virtual assistant service more productive and successful.

These tips can create a productive and successful working relationship with your virtual medical administrative assistant.

Hiring a virtual assistant is a great way to improve the efficiency and productivity of your medical practice. By outsourcing some of the day-to-day tasks to a virtual assistant, the healthcare practice can run more efficiently and focus on what they do best.

There are many different virtual assistant services available, so be sure to research and find one that could work with your staff and is a good fit for your office. Once you have chosen a virtual assistant service, you will need to provide them with basic information about your office. The virtual assistant service will then set up a profile for your healthcare practice and begin handling your phone calls, scheduling appointments, billing, and any other tasks you may need assistance with. A freelance virtual assistant can be a great option if you only need assistance occasionally, if you are only looking for help with a specific task, such as having someone manage your schedule, or if you are unsure if having a virtual assistant company are suitable for your practice.

If you require assistance with any administrative duties for your medical business, think about employing a virtual assistant. Many talented and qualified assistants are available and can be a great asset to your practice.

Whether you are looking for help with research, record-keeping, marketing efforts, or any other task, a virtual assistant can be a natural and invaluable asset to your healthcare practice. So why not consider investing in virtual assistant services today? Portiva’s virtual assistant services have provided high-quality work for medical practices for over a decade. Contact us today at or call us at 800 991 6922 to learn more about how Portiva can help take your practice to the next level!

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

Hiring a virtual medical assistant can bring many benefits to your medical practice. Firstly, a virtual medical assistant can handle tasks such as medical billing, patient data management, and handling prior authorizations remotely. This increases efficiency and productivity as your office space is utilized more effectively.

Having a medical virtual assistant also means that the same person manages your medical records, ensuring consistency and accuracy in patient charts. Virtual medical assistants are trained in HIPAA compliance, so you can rest assured that all patient data management is secure and by regulations.

Additionally, a virtual medical assistant can work around the clock, providing 24/7 support to your medical practice. This not only improves productivity but also streamlines the workflow of the entire course. With virtual medical assistants handling day-to-day administrative tasks, medical practitioners can focus on providing top-quality patient care.

Overall, hiring a virtual medical assistant significantly boost the efficiency and productivity of your medical practice, reduces overhead costs associated with office space, and streamlines your medical record-keeping processes.

A virtual medical assistant are a game-changer for medical practices looking to streamline patient management. With the ability to schedule appointments, manage medical records, and process insurance claims, a virtual medical assistant can help courses focus on providing excellent patient care while the administrative tasks are taken care of.

Gone are the days of dedicating precious office space to house patient data or patient charts. A virtual medical assistant keep patient records secure and easily accessible in the cloud. Patient and billing information is managed and updated in real-time, ensuring that everyone who needs access to the data has the most up-to-date version.

Another advantage of a virtual medical assistant is the ability to process insurance claims and work on medical billing. This task can often be cumbersome and time-consuming, but with a virtual assistant, claims can be handled promptly and efficiently, ensuring that the practice gets the payment they deserve.

Prior authorization is another area where virtual medical assistants can assist. They are trained to efficiently handle and follow up with last authorization requests. This can be a great relief to medical practices, which can lose out on revenue due to delays or missed prior authorizations.

Virtual medical assistants also contribute to HIPAA compliance training. They are educated on the latest patient privacy and data security updates, making it easier for medical practices to stay compliant. Best of all, virtual medical assistants allow medical practitioners to spend more time seeing patients rather than getting bogged down in administrative tasks.

To effectively support the medical practice as a medical virtual assistant, several qualifications and experiences are crucial. First, understanding medical billing and prior authorization is essential to ensure smooth financial transactions between the practice and the patient. Additionally, familiarity with patient data and charts is critical for accurately assessing a patient’s needs and medical history.

It’s also essential for virtual medical assistants to have a thorough knowledge of HIPAA compliance training, as handling medical records, patient charts, and other sensitive information is a critical aspect of the job. They must know the protocols and procedures in place to ensure the confidentiality and security of patient information.

Although the virtual medical assistants may be working remotely, they are still part of the medical practice team, so having prior office space experience is also helpful. Such expertise can aid in seamless communication and collaboration with other team members, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks in patient care.

To provide top-notch support to medical practice, the virtual medical assistants should maintain the same professionalism and dedication as an in-person medical assistant. With these qualifications and experiences, the virtual medical assistants can be an invaluable asset to medical practice.

When it comes to being a successful virtual medical assistant and providing practical support to medical practice, several qualifications and experiences are crucial. First and foremost, a virtual medical assistant with experience in medical billing and prior authorization will be invaluable to any medical practice. Additionally, a virtual medical assistant with HIPAA compliance training is essential to manage patient data and maintain HIPAA compliance.

Moreover, extensive knowledge in managing medical records and organizing patient charts is another critical competency that a virtual medical assistant should possess. And with the rise of remote working, a virtual medical assistant should also be equipped with the technical skills necessary to manage office space and provide uninterrupted support to medical practice, despite not physically being there.

Overall, a virtual medical assistant who is well-equipped in these areas will ensure streamlined operations for the medical practice and provide a sense of security to patients as they interact with the same person who has been trained to handle their sensitive and private medical information.

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