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I'm very thankful for Portiva who I know is looking after my practice while I'm gone the virtual assistants can manage prescription refills, documents they can triage patients and just kind of answer administrative questions and they can handle a lot on their own. But also, they're very good about contacting me if there's any emergency or anything I need to attend to. So I'm very thankful for Portiva they can help almost any provider almost anywhere and it really allows for some good work-life balance as I'm getting to experience right now at my family farm so I'm very thankful for Portiva and I'm very happy to use their services"

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Victoria Nutting D.O.

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Portiva's Virtual Medical Assistant - I have all the support I need. There's somebody checking my email, any patient messages. Patients are still able to schedule and handle any scheduling issues and any kind of billing that needs to still go through. Portiva hands handles it all for me. I have support i have somebody that I can access 24/7 pretty much. It's all very seamless. If somebody has an emergency or needs a medication called in. I know that the va's at portiva will handle that for me.

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Mohammad Ashori, M.D.

Board Certified Family Medicine Physician

100 satisfaction

Online Medical Billing Company: Why You Need to Choose it

online medical billing

Wondering why you need to hire a billing company in the healthcare industry? The healthcare industry has to deal with several challenges. They need to plan to assist as many patients as possible, update their equipment regularly, provide training to professional coders, and much more. Managing billing services will only increase their challenges when there is a heavy burden on the organization. This is when you need online billing and coding professionals.

The medical billing program offers a certified professional coder and medical biller who seamlessly completes your billing tasks. With an online billing and coding program, healthcare providers don’t need to deal with health insurance companies and patients regarding bills. Your certified coding associate will be responsible for all your billing and coding procedures while you can focus on your work.

There are several reasons to contact an online billing company for healthcare settings. Read further to learn more!

Reasons for Hiring an Online Medical Billing and Coding Company

Stethoscope Hospital

Although medical billing is important for the US healthcare sector, patients’ care should always come first for healthcare professionals. Employing a reliable medical billing business allows you to focus on giving patients high-quality care.

You will save time and effort by outsourcing the complete billing process so that you can focus on the patient’s health. Quality medical care boosts patient satisfaction and draws more visitors to your clinic or facility.

As a result, you will increase your revenue. Your medical facility won’t have to worry about cash flow and can continue to concentrate entirely on providing top-notch care.

Offers Data Security

You are also accountable for protecting their medical information. Sensitive information in your electronic health records includes details about the patient’s family, medical history, medications, diagnostic findings, and other vital personal information. Hackers who can hack this information to use it for any purpose are continually a threat to this data.

By choosing a medical billing business, you can stop data theft. They take preventative actions to protect patient data, employing cutting-edge technologies and modern digital security software. Additionally, these companies in the medical coding field carry out risk management and system-wide risk assessments by HIPAA security regulations. This safeguards your data while sparing the clinic and other healthcare facilities from charges and penalties.

Provides Accurate Billing Due to Experienced Medical Billers

Billing for medical services is not simple. Many things are important to check and verify; if you make a mistake, it might worsen. Medical billing errors can lead to denied claims, lost revenue, and even put your patient’s health in danger.

The best approach to ensure no billing issues is to employ a medical billing agency that can take care of that for you. These businesses employ personnel that has received billing training and are conversant with all billing processes.

Adherence to Medical Coding Regulations

Doctor Tomograph

When performing medical billing, you must abide by all rules and guidelines. As a medical professional, you may have a lot on your plate, and staying current on regulatory changes may not be easy and simple for you.

You can outsource medical billing to the correct business to ensure you adhere to all medical billing requirements. It would be ideal if you didn’t worry about compliance issues and could easily finish the billing procedure.

Increase Income for Doctors

Because of rejected insurance claims, healthcare professionals frequently suffer significant yearly revenue losses. This may happen for several reasons, such as improper medical coding, claim form problems due to wrong information, insurance coverage issues, and missed deadlines.

Long processing times for insurance claims and internal administrative expenses can result in delayed reimbursements. Your present revenue cycle will be improved, and net revenue collection will increase with the assistance of a highly trained and professional medical billing business.

Additionally, a sizable cash stream will motivate the healthcare facility to develop and grow within the sector, offer better perks to employees, or enhance patient care. Increasing your income allows you to purchase high-quality medical tools and technologies. Also, you can expand the facility and add more staff to provide patients with high-quality care.

Provides Empty Office Space

Your healthcare facility does not need to make any room available for your medical billing company. Hospitals and clinics can change the design of their office space to make better use of the extra room by putting in more clinical supplies. Alternatively, use the area for doctors’ private offices where they can rest and process everything after a long day.

Additionally, PCs and office software are needed for in-house billing employees. You can eliminate this resource requirement by outsourcing the billing services. Billing businesses run autonomously out of their offices, hire medical coders and billers as their employees, and use their resources.

Prevents You From Training Employees

If you want to create your medical billing team, you must train them regularly. If not, they will not be accustomed to current procedural terminology, medical terminology, medical codes, and other important knowledge needed to perform medical billing. Therefore, medical billing training is critical. But the problem is the training requires money, time, and effort that distracts healthcare organizations from their primary purposes, i.e., helping others.

With the medical billing specialist team, you don’t need to worry about training, educating, and conducting coding courses. Also, there is no need to look for a medical billing course to help your team grow.

Provides Updated and Improved Technology

Medicine Patient

You can need additional resources as a medical practice to handle medical billing, and it’s critical to have cutting-edge hardware and sophisticated software to guarantee accuracy and effectiveness. Therefore, the easiest approach to avoid investing in the software and equipment yourself is to hire a medical billing company.

The best hardware and software for completing medical billing tasks are available in the billing firms. They use updated, high-tech systems that prevent mistakes and errors. They also don’t need medical records technicians because of their quality billing and coding software. If you don’t want to deal with any penalties due to billing errors, having an automated system will work great for you.

General Questions For You

Frequently Asked Questions

The rise of medical billing has significantly impacted the healthcare industry, particularly in streamlining billing and reimbursement processes. Online billing programs and services offer self-paced training and exam preparation for certification as a coding specialist, which enables students to obtain a coding certificate and CPB certification from the comfort of their homes. Institutions such as the American Academy provide online medical coding courses, exam training, student services, and career resources to help individuals advance their careers.

Additionally, many colleges and postsecondary education centres offer online coding programs and courses that provide students with the skills needed to succeed in this dynamic field. With online services, students can take classes and complete degree programs online while still receiving the same quality of instruction as on-school ground students. Tuition rates for online programs are often lower than traditional campus-based programs, and access to academic resources such as faculty, books, and admission services is available at the click of a button. As more and more healthcare providers move towards electronic billing and payments, the need for skilled medical billing and coding professionals continues to grow. By pursuing an online coding certificate or degree, individuals can position themselves for success in a lucrative and rewarding career in healthcare.

Pursuing a coding certificate for medical billing can be a smart move for those interested in a career as a medical biller or coder. By completing a program that offers self-paced training and exam preparation, individuals can gain the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in medical coding. A coding certificate is evidence of a specialist’s proficiency in coding and billing practices, which can improve their employability and earning potential. Additionally, obtaining a coding certification shows that an individual has met recognized standards for professional competence in medical billing and coding. Many colleges, centres, and schools offer online programs that lead to a coding certificate or diploma, which includes courses on medical coding, billing, and healthcare regulations. Online coding programs are often more affordable than traditional campus-based programs, with lower tuition rates and no need for credit cards or business loans. Online programs allow students to access various resources, including academic support, exam preparation tools, and career placement services.
Furthermore, many online programs allow students to take exams remotely, using an online testing calculator to complete them at their convenience. The demand for skilled medical billers and coders continues to grow in today’s healthcare industry. By obtaining a coding certificate or degree through an online program, individuals can position themselves for success in a rewarding career in medical billing and coding.

Yes, you can become a certified medical biller through online education. Many colleges, centres, and specialized programs offer online courses that enable students to obtain a certification or degree in medical billing and coding. Through these programs, students can learn how to operate the medical billing system, code medical treatments and services correctly, and prepare claims for submission to insurance companies. Certification is typically obtained by passing an exam demonstrating an individual’s knowledge and proficiency in medical billing practices. Online courses are available at various levels of study, from introductory classes to specialized programs that lead to certification as a medical billing specialist. Online programs eliminate the need to attend classes in physical locations, and many even offer credit transfer options for those looking to continue their studies at a traditional college or university. Additionally, online programs often provide access to academic support and resources, such as career services, internship opportunities, and exam preparation tools. By obtaining a certification or degree in medical billing and coding through an online program, individuals can position themselves for a successful career in the healthcare industry while enjoying the flexibility and convenience of online learning.

Yes, the American Academy offers financing options for some of its online medical billing courses. The school provides a comprehensive program that includes courses in medical coding, billing, and healthcare regulations that can lead to certification as a billing and coding specialist. Tuition rates for the program vary based on the student’s level of study, whether undergraduate or graduate level and the type, of course being taken. However, they offer various financing options for its online programs, including payment plans and student loans, which can help make education more affordable. Financing options are typically available to students enrolling in an eligible degree or certificate program. Additionally, the school provides access to academic resources, such as exam preparation tools, career placement services, and student support services, to ensure that online students receive the same education as those attending on-campus classes. By pursuing an online medical billing and coding program through them, students can take advantage of financing options while preparing for a rewarding career in the healthcare industry.

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Bottom Line

In a nutshell, online medical billing companies help you with different billing tasks. They have the knowledge, equipment, and process to simplify billing. Since their team has coding certification and training, so they ensure your medical claims are approved. The best part about hiring a company is that they will contact the patient’s insurance company if needed without disturbing you. Most importantly, any healthcare setting can opt for medical coders to get rid of their in-office medical billing department.

If you are looking for a credible, reliable, and promising solution, Portiva is the right option for you. We have coding specialists and billing medical coders working in this field for years. They have knowledge of health services that help them easily resolve billing matters. You can rely on us for your health information management and to manage billing. So, don’t wait and contact us.

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