Useful Features of Virtual Medical Assistant Services

Healthcare is one of the most rapidly-growing industries in the United States. In fact, it’s estimated that healthcare will account for nearly 20% of the country’s GDP by 2020. The growth is partly due to the aging population, technological advances, and our ever-changing understanding of how best to care for patients. One crucial development in healthcare is the increasing use of virtual medical assistants (VMAs).

virtual assistant services for medical practice

What are virtual medical assistants, and what do they do?

A virtual medical assistant handles all administrative tasks and any documentation that can be accomplished remotely. VMAs support patients and healthcare practitioners through online communication channels such as chat, email, and phone. A virtual assistant (VA) can help with everything from scheduling appointments and handling billing to providing patient support and advice. With the help of a VMA, practices can run more efficiently and provide better care to their patients.

VMA services also cover management of front office tasks such as answering calls, confirming patient appointments, taking patient histories, prescription refills, remote patient monitoring, and updating electronic medical records. VMAs can also contact patients for follow-ups and health updates when necessary. Having a VA means patients won’t have to endure long holds due to a high volume of calls to contact the clinic, which enables the staff to save energy from addressing irate calls.

VMAs typically have strong computer skills and can handle a wide range of clerical tasks, including the operation of encrypted video conferencing software and other computer systems needed in the care of patients. Registered nurses who can’t commit to traditional office hours or those who want the flexibility of working from home usually make the shift to being virtual assistants.

The benefits of using virtual medical assistant services

There are many benefits to using virtual medical assistant (VMA) services. Here are just a few:

1) Virtual assistants can help practices run more efficiently. They can handle different administrative tasks, allowing healthcare practitioners to focus on providing patient care.

VMAs can schedule appointments and perform insurance verifications to save you valuable time. VMAs work remotely which enables them to be cost-efficient while performing multiple tasks such as billing, updating patient charts electronically, and training new healthcare professionals to answer questions of new patients.

2) Virtual assistants provide support and advice to patients, which can help them feel more comfortable and informed about their care.

Good communication is one of the skills integrated into a VMA. They can build rapport and establish healthy relationships with individuals they come in contact with, which makes them an asset to any practice.

3) Virtual assistants can help keep patient appointments on track, improving patient outcomes.

4) Virtual assistants are essential in updating electronic medical records, which can help improve communication among healthcare practitioners.

5) VMAs help prevent physician burnout. Physician burnout is another growing concern in any industry, particularly in the medical or healthcare field. A study showed results of American physicians, more than half in number, report feeling burned out. VMAs can give doctors a sense of work-life balance by taking off the burden of administrative work.

When a doctor is happy and feels like they’re making a difference, it spills over into the rest of their lives. When doctors have a positive outlook, it also provides a warm reception for every patient, making them think of you and your staff whenever they are asked for a referral. This is another way VMAs can increase provider productivity and bring more business to the clinic.

How to choose the right VMA services for your practice

When looking for a virtual assistant, it’s essential to consider your practice’s needs and the services the VA offers. A few actual examples of things to keep in mind are the following:

1) Make sure the virtual assistant has experience in healthcare. They should understand the complexities of patient care and be familiar with medical terminology.

2) Ask about the VMA’s computer skills. VMAs should be able to handle a wide range of clerical tasks, including the operation of encrypted video conferencing software and other computer systems needed to care for patients.

3) Check to see if the virtual assistant is HIPAA certified. This will ensure that they are familiar with the regulations surrounding patient privacy.

4) Ask about the VMA’s customer service skills. A skilled virtual assistant should be able to provide support and advice to patients in a friendly and helpful manner.

5) Make sure the virtual assistant is available when you need them. They should be able to provide services during regular business hours and outside of regular business time if needed.

Choosing the right virtual assistant can be difficult, but finding one that addresses your practice’s unique needs is essential. You can bet that you are making the best decision for your practice and your patients by considering the abovementioned things.

virtual assistant services for medical practice

Working with Portiva

Portiva has more than a decade of experience providing virtual medical assistant services to any medical practice. Our team of VMAs is highly vetted professionals trained with the necessary skills to handle various administrative tasks. Their vast knowledge and experience in providing support to healthcare offices by handling various back-office tasks such as insurance paperwork and coding ensure that your practice runs smoothly daily.

Our VMA teams are well-equipped to handle various office work to support your practice. Here are a few roles in which our VMAs make a difference:

1) Answering phone calls. Our VMAs answer your calls like an in-house receptionist, except that they don’t take up any office space. Having VMAs is a great way to scale up your practice without renting a bigger office space. VMAs can also save you time on documentation and improve your office workflow. Our VMAs can handle all your paperwork, patient inquiries, clinic hours, and more.

2) Scheduling appointments. Portiva’s VA team can manage the scheduling of patient appointments, including following up on appointment reminders and confirmations. A physician no longer has to worry about appointment cancellations, which lessens patient waiting time resulting in greater satisfaction with the patient experience.

Our VMA team can also schedule procedures and process prior authorizations so patients will always have timely access to necessary treatments, which means giving them quality care as much as possible. VMAs can also handle updating your electronic health records system so you won’t have any issues with insurance claims down the road.

3) Insurance paperwork. Dealing with insurance verification can be cumbersome and frustrating. Our VMA team can take care of it for you, so you can dedicate yourself to elevating care delivery to your patients. Our VMAs can verify coverage, file and track claims, process prior authorization, and more.

4) Patient education. Our VA team can provide patients with all the necessary information and promptly address their concerns so they can understand their condition and know what to expect from their treatment. VMAs can also answer queries about medications, side effects, and more. VMAs can also establish trusting and collaborative relationships with patients to ensure they adhere to the agreed health plans provided by various healthcare team members.

5) Research projects. Our VMAs can assist with various research projects that providers might embark on. VMAs can conduct literature searches, gather pertinent information, and perform data entry services. The VMA’s ability to assist with research projects enables a physician to earn more without worrying about additional research assistant costs.

6) Virtual scribing. Virtual medical scribes provide remote support to physicians by taking notes during patient visits. They are virtually in the same exam room with the patient and physician. Virtual scribing services allow the physician to focus on physical examination and conversing with the patient without worrying about taking clinical notes. A virtual medical scribe provides accurate and up-to-date information to the physician, who helps improve patient-physician relations.

Physicians can devote extra time catering to patients and less to documentation by using a virtual scribe which improves the efficiency of any practice. Virtual scribes also improve the accuracy of medical records by using the correct medical terminology and ensuring that complete information is entered into the electronic health record (EHR).

7) Specialized VMAs. Portiva offers healthcare virtual assistant services tailored to meet your specific needs. We have virtual veterinary assistants for those who want someone with more knowledge and experience in the field of veterinary medicine. VMAs can follow up with patients and offer a better solution to improve workflow, especially for small businesses.

Our VMAs are highly skilled and experienced in the medical or healthcare industry. They have years of experience with business workings and know how to get things done efficiently and correctly. Delegating your office tasks to our VMAs ensures a backup plan to keep your practice running even if calamity strikes and you or your in-house staff cannot make it to the office.

8) Superb assistance within your budget. Portiva’s VMA services are affordable and customizable to meet your needs. You can avail of our VMA services for as low as $10/hour without the hassle of setup fees or contract policy. You can work only the hours you want with no hidden costs. There is no risk either because you can cancel anytime.

Portiva is aware of how critical it is to have the same person handle your documentation so you can pick & choose which verified and qualified VMA you want to work with. You may also choose to change or retain the same VMA. Portiva also offers a lot of support for VMAs. We spend considerable time, money, and effort to ensure that only top-notch employees are hired. Our vetting process ensures that VMAs can be readily integrated into your operation with minimal training in your usual procedure and software (just like any onsite staff).

9) Protecting patient information. Our offshore VMAs enable one to get caliber service for a fraction of the expense it would cost a doctor to hire a full-time employee. They are trained and certified HIPAA-compliant, abiding by the Data Privacy Act. Our rigorous vetting process for VMAs ensures that they are chosen based on their ability to operate in a remote medical setting. Every VMA is subjected to a background check, so you will have peace of mind that any information they handle is safe and secure.

Since you cannot see your virtual staff as much as your in-house employees, concerns about productivity are reasonable. Portiva uses online time-tracking software to trace and monitor all of our VMAs. This assures us that they are dedicated to working for your clinic for the time you pay them. The software also tracks the movements and actions made by the VMAs mouse and keyboard to ensure the safety of your information.

virtual assistant services for medical practice

Another way that Portiva protects your information is by requiring our VMAs to form a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) with our customers. This is a contract between doctors and third-party providers that agrees to protect the privacy and security of protected health information (PHI). This agreement protects the doctor and VMA while ensuring they understand their responsibilities regarding protecting PHI.

Considerations in finding and selecting the exemplary VMA service

Various companies offer VMAs, so it is vital to choose one that works best for y our particular practice. When searching for a VMA with the skills to fit your needs, there are several things to consider:

1) Do comprehensive and extensive research. Not all VMAs are created equal, nor do they have the same regard for the safety of your information. Spend as much time as necessary researching. Well and find the right VMA service firm with years of medical experience. Look for a firm that has been in the industry for a reasonable time. The length of their presence in the industry will partly ensure they have clients that you can trace and inquire about their services. Their experience can be an asset to your practice when you find a reputable and reliable company to work with.

2) Ask around for feedback or referrals. Converse with colleagues using VMAs or those who have used one before. Inquire if they have any recommendations for you. Even if they are no longer using VMA services, their experience will help you decide whether to get one for your practice or how to handle your VMAs differently. Testimonies from trusted colleagues are better than hearsay or marketing campaigns.

3) Interview candidates. Don’t just use the word of your friends, colleagues, or even that of a reputable VMA service company. Interview the chosen candidates to get a feel for their skills and experience in dealing with your concerns. How they deal with you is a glimpse of how they will deal with your clients, so you would want to converse with them to know how they would handle your inquiries. Many people may have the proper skill set, but not everyone is a perfect fit for you or your staff. It is always ideal to personally interview VMA service providers and the VMAs before you hire one.

4) Ask VMAs or VMA providers for references. Ask for references from the company you wish to work with. Having an idea about what their past clients have to say about the VMA’s work ethic and quality of work will help you decide on the proper course to take. References are vital for your safety and to save time and effort with training and orientation in case you decide not to go through work with a particular company.

Virtual medical assistants (VMAs) provide a wide range of support for healthcare providers and their patients. VMAs play an integral role in patient care. By using a VMA service, practices can run more efficiently and provide a better patient experience. When an office or hospital employs a virtual healthcare assistant, healthcare professionals can devote their energy to delivering the care patients need.

A Necessity for Today’s Healthcare Professionals

Virtual medical assistants play an integral role in healthcare, providing much-needed support to patients and healthcare providers.

There are many reasons why virtual medical assistants (VMAs) are a necessity for today’s healthcare professionals. For one, VMAs free up doctors and other healthcare providers to focus on the needs of their patients rather than spending time on administrative tasks like scheduling or tracking patient records. VMAs can also help improve patient engagement by providing a higher level of care through timely communication and personalized attention.

At Portiva, we understand the importance of high-quality VMA services that meet the safety standards required in today’s technology-driven world. Our team of expert Virtual Health Care Assistants has years of experience working with doctors and patients, and we are dedicated to giving our patients the highest quality care. Customers.

If you’re looking for a reliable VMA provider to help your practice give your patients the best care possible, contact Portiva today, and let us show you how virtual medical assistants can make a real difference in your healthcare practice.​

Taking Advantage of the Full Potential of Virtual Healthcare Assistance Services

Virtual healthcare assistance services offer many benefits to healthcare professionals and their patients, making them an essential resource for modern medical practices. Utilizing all of the capabilities of virtual healthcare assistants, doctors and other healthcare providers can streamline administrative tasks, improve patient engagement, and deliver high-quality care that meets the needs of their patients.

At Portiva, we are committed to providing high-quality Virtual Healthcare Assistance Services that help healthcare professionals make the most of this powerful resource. Our team of experienced Virtual Health Care Assistants has years of experience working in various settings, from hospitals and clinics to telemedicine companies and individual practices. We understand the importance of efficient workflow and personalized care when delivering top-quality healthcare, and we are committed to providing the support you need to take full advantage of the full potential of virtual healthcare assistance services.

Why Virtual Healthcare Assistants Are the Future of Healthcare Providers and Patients Alike ­­­­­­­­­­­—and why you should consider using virtual medical assistants in your practice today!

Virtual healthcare assistants are the future of healthcare providers and patients alike, offering a range of benefits that make them an essential resource for modern medical practices. By utilizing the unlimited potential of virtual healthcare assistance services, doctors and other healthcare providers can streamline administrative tasks, improve patient engagement, and deliver high-quality treatment that is tailored to their needs patients.

At Portiva, we understand the importance of Virtual Healthcare Assistants in today’s fast-paced and demanding healthcare landscape. Our team of expert Virtual Health Care Assistants is committed to providing support that enables our customers to effectively manage their workflow while also delivering personalized care that puts the needs of their patients first. Whether you’re looking to elevate your practice or simply want to make the most of the latest technology in healthcare, we can help you achieve your goals with our comprehensive Virtual Healthcare Assistance Services.

Portiva is dedicated to providing quality VMA services that meet the highest safety standards that technology can provide. We use online time-tracking software to monitor and manage our VMAs’ productivity and ensure the safety of your data. We also require our VMAs to form a Business Associate Agreement with our customers to protect your privacy and security.

When searching for a VMA provider, ask for feedback or referrals, interview candidates, and ask VMAs or service providers for references. With the help of a virtual medical assistant, you can provide the best possible care to your patients and have the capability to elevate your practice. Connect with Portiva’s virtual medical assistant today and take back your time. For additional information, contact us at 800 991 6922 or go to

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